Push an already configured Smart Remote to a home in your mobile app

Pushing an already configured Smart Remote to a home in your mobile app allows you to recover on your Smart Remote the configuration you already have set up in your app. It will help you in the following use cases:

  • You have several Smart Remotes and want it to share the same configuration as your first Smart Remote

  • You just bought a new Smart Remote or received a replacement one but still have your Home in-app configured and don’t want to have to restart adding all your devices, services, scenes, etc. from scratch

  • You had to perform erase your Smart Remote configuration on Smart Remote itself and don't want to have to reconfigure all your set up

  • One of your household members would like to get access to your setup configuration from his own phone.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Smart Remote

  2. Launch the Sevenhugs Smart Remote app

  3. Click on the home icon on the left of your screen

  4. Select "Add Smart Remote"

  5. Smart Remote App will start looking for your Smart Remote

  6. Select the Smart Remote and configuration (home name) you want to recover the configuration from and press "Next"

  7. Smart Remote App will start connecting with your Smart Remote

  8. Enter in Smart Remote App the security code displayed on Smart Remote's screen. If security code disappears from Smart Remote's screen you can always send a new code from Smart Remote App.

  9. Smart Remote App will be verifying the security code. Once the connection is secured, press "Continue"

  10. After loading your experience, Smart Remote will be added to your app.

When done, your Smart Remote configuration will be displayed on your Smart Remote App.

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