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Voice control

Please feel free to share examples of how you would like to use voice control with Smart Remote.

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  • The Fire TV Remote is awesome in that i can say 'watch cnn' and it will turn on the TV, open the Hulu app and automatically Tune to CNN.   The same thing happens if i say watch movie X and it is on Netflix then it will open Netflix instead and go to Movie X... 

    This is the Killer Feature for teh Fire TV in my opinion. 

    Having a mic in the next gen remote seems like a must have. 

    • Hi Jacques Vigeant ,
      Thanks for sharing those use cases, this is really valuable to us!
      Please let us know if you have other suggestions

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  • Full functionality if Apple TV Remote with universal Search! 

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  • Agreed,  Just about every Cable provider is now embracing VOICE support,  X1, COX , RCN / Grande ,   TiVO..  Without voice now using that remote with your cable box isn't near as easy as using the actual voice remote the Cable Provider supplies.. 

  • It would really take the device to a whole new level if it were to have voice input. It's a must have and I wouldn't mind paying a little more for it. The remote replaces all the remote controls in the house, except for my smart TV remote, and not having voice input, is the only reason.

    • Dan Nillson Thank you for the feedback Dan, I will make sure to relay this to the dev team.

  • The best option would be to provide access to the Alexa, Siri, and Ok Google services. This way a user could connect to the services they want, and could select which voice service to use via the carousel, and then activate the listening mode via a button on the screen.

    • Faelin Landy That is a very good idea, will make sure to let the dev team know.

  • So I like the voice command because it says in the manual and I wanted to be on all products including the u and x

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  • I just send an email to seven hugs 

    • Adam Robles sure, thanks a lot, we'll be happy to answer. Voice control is not available on Smart Remote for now. We'll keep this thread updated when we have news about this feature.

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