Unboxing and first setup :-)

Wow! - Congratulations sevenhugs team! It was a really nice quality experience unboxing the Smart Remote. No doubt that you put a lot of thoughts into this and it definitely left me with the feeling that I unboxed something special. The touch and feel of the product really supports the expectations I had after reading your updates since I signed up - always reaching for the best! So definitely worth the waiting time :-)
The nice short and clear instructions included left me with no questions and it was straight forward to set up. I have not set up Point Mode yet, but I am not in doubt how to do it :-)
If I should point a finger at one thing, then it would be the wire on the charger; it is too stiff!
A pleasure working with the App (I use Android), really nice and intuitive to use. Nice feature with the list of supported devices right in the App :-)
Setting up Wi-Fi devices: Expected to find Philips Hue and SONOS but only found Hue :-( Found in the forum that others have had problems with finding SONOS devices, but that was in an earlier firmware. I am on v0.63.7 but the issue is not yet marked as solved? I must say that I really expected SONOS to be supported, at least with setup and play/stop current feed/playlist, but apparently this limited support is not yet in place - sorry, but pretty annoying for a product that have been mentioned as supported from the beginning on :-(
Hue was found and lights added. Easily grouped for simple on/off Home Automation, now I just need to go and vote for the integration of Scenes and Routines. The Home Automation setup requires the wizard to be finished before it is ready for setup on the remote. Would be nice if there was a "skip wizard" option in the App.
Setting up IR devices: I also have an axiim AVR that was supposed to be supported with IR (North-America device). I can however not make it work and have created a support case, which has been replied to, so I am sure we will find a solution. I know you have a text saying to look in other regions if you do not find your device. When searching it would be nice that you searched all regions and could select the region afterwards.
Forum feedback: This is actually the second time I write this feedback (this time in Notepad), as I was kicked out of the form in the forum. Not sure why, but I wanted to provide this feedback to you, as I despite the issues think you created something to be proud of! So once again - Congratulations!
I am looking forward to work with you and the users, to make this the best product for us that would like to keep our home automation to ourselves (without voice) ;-)

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  • Hi  Michael thanks a lot for sharing this detailed feedback, that's precious for us!

    Concerning your issues adding your Sonos, we understand your frustration and want to help. Do you confirm that your Sonos is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Smart Remote? If yes, as a first step, could you please try to:

    1. Reset your Wi-Fi settings and try to add Sonos again
    2. If step 1 is not working please try to power cycle your Smart Remote and try to add Sonos again

    Please let us know if this works.

    For adding scenes and routines please vote for it and don't forget to follow it to get notified when it's available. I've also shared your feedback about skipping wizard with our team.

    Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible concerning you axiim AVR. If ever you want to try a workaround, for now, you could still try to add another A/V Receiver, remove all buttons thanks to device screen layout customization feature and rename the device on your Smart Remote and then add the buttons you need for your axiim AVR via IR learning. I know this is a pretty complex workaround and we'll for sure look for another solution, but just wanted to sure in case you wanted to try.

    Thanks again for this feedback, and please do not hesitate to share more!

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  • Hi Sevenhugs , I certainly appreciate the Device screen layout customization feature and the IR learning capabilities. Unfortunately the axiim QHD AVR comes with a Bluetooth remote, so I am depending on your development team for a solution; being it a Bluetooth or IR solution (it has an IR eye attached) is not so important, although Bluetooth is the preferred. 
    My SONOS is either wired or on the SonosNet, so not using my Wi-Fi for streaming, only for control via the SONOS Android app. The main SONOS unit in my system is wired, so maybe that is the reason for not finding my SONOS system? Since the SONOS app can find all my SONOS units, I don't see why you should not be able too as well. My LG TV is also wired as and controllable via an app as well, so my router do route properly between wired and wireless units. I have SONOS controllers on both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz Wi-Fi, both working flawlessly.

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    • Hi Michael Can you please try to unplug the power supply of your Sonos, hold 10 sec, replug it and then try again to discover with the Smart Remote App? Make sure to be close to your access point while discovering the Sonos.

      Let us know if this information was helpful.

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  • There we go :-) Actually had the wired Connect powered off previously, so this time I tried with one of my Play5 speakers as well. Only the Play5 was found but all SONOS units then appeared when adding it. After a short look at the SONOS interface I got a couple of comments for you Sevenhugs My Sonos Connect has fixed volume, this is not reflected in the interface. Artist / Song is cropped, would be nice if it was scrolling. Listening to a stream and not a music queue, previous track is not an option, at least not with the Deezer flow; still it is there. Hope to see more SONOS functionality in upcoming releases - Thanks for the help Mathieu !

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    • Michael Happy to hear that! We planned to improve the Sonos experience, make sure to vote and follow here to be notified when it will be available. We hope you enjoy using Smart Remote and please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

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