Button on charging base - remote finder?

What does the button on the charging base behind the charging peg DO? Is it a remote finder (making the remote beep)? If so is it enabled? As far as I can tell it doesn’t do anything 

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  • Hi  Chris Coveney , yes this is the Find Button! but the feature is not yet activated as we are still working on it!

    It will be released in one of our future releases.

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  • I was just here trying to find out the same thing :)

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  • This would be a great feature.  Please do keep us posted

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  • This was posted a year ago. Just tried it. No go. Hoping it comes soon.

    My mom keeps losing her current remote and taped a Tile tracker to it ROFL! She'd love having this feature.

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    • JesseTron This feature is not yet currently available, we are however aware of the popularity of this requests amongst our community so we hope to be able to deliver on it soon ! We will keep you updated.

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  • That's a real shame, was thinking about getting this remote but now I'm not so sure. A built in finder is actually my number one feature needed. Logitech has this option on there new Harmony Express but obviously it doesn't have all the other bells an whistles that the Sevenhugs remote is offering.

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