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lots of air conditioning units come with an IR remote, including LG, Frigidaire, and Carrier.

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  • Hi Dan Fisch, for now, we don't support air conditioner officially. In the meantime, it's a good idea if you want to use infrared learning to control a device not officially supported. But, it will not work for your Daikin air conditioner.

    Some air conditioning system uses an infrared remote to be controlled. But, when you tried to add this device on your Smart Remote by using the infrared learning feature, it doesn't work.
    Some air conditioner uses an infrared signaling protocol in which the signal for an action depends on the internal state of the device. The same function may generate a different infrared signal on different times depending on that state. So specialized state management is necessary to control the device, not just register the action. That is the reason why the learning feature doesn't work on your device.

  • That is a huge thing most people don't think about!!! I got the idea over a year AFTER backing this remote :D

  • still waiting for developers to achive it 

  • This would be huge!

  • Hi  Mario yossi houry David M ,
    Thanks for sharing this request! This would definitely be valuable to a lot of customers!
    Make sure to vote for it and to follow the topic to get notified when this is available.

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  • Even many cheap and basic fans have IR remotes and it would be nice to control those with the Smart Remote.

  • Can you please include that function? I was hoping at first to control mine with IR learning module promised after having reach the Kickstarter streched goal.


    Now got:

    - No SDK

    - No Aircon support (when thousands and thousands of devise announced to be supported)

    - No IR learning function


    That reduce drasticly the usage of it.

    • Grégory GOUJON Thanks for the feedback, this is definitely on our radar and we hope to be able to implement support for IR air conditioning units very soon.

    • Bolu O Thank you

    • Grégory GOUJON We’re excited to share with you the opportunity to participate to our SDK Beta program. If you are interested, please fill this survey.

  • Consider supporting a generic A/C controller like Sensibo

    • Roberto LR Definitely on our mind, thank you for the suggestion.

  • Hi,


    Just to let you know that I used the beta function IR learning and configured a basic aircon function out of a TV remote Template. It is working but not great to have the aircon typed as TV.

  • I was able to use the remote learning to achieve basic control over a TCL split aircon. I recently moved and my new air conditioners are by daikon and I cannot get the remote to work. Adding support would be fantastic

  • i have sensibo grate device for every air condition , and can remote it from the phone ,the remote here is still beta and  untill it will support will take long time 

  • After buying the Smart Remote I noticed that my air conditioner remote was still cluttering up my couch, and I thought to myself "wait a minute, I thought the Sevenhugs remote was a - universal - remote. Why can't I use it with the air conditioner?" It would be really great to be able to use the Smart Remote as a...    what's the word I'm looking for...   UNIVERSAL remote 🙂 

    • Angel Ars sure, is your AC controllable via infrared? 

  • Yes, and today I made the Smart Remote pair with my unit, but it's far from perfect. At least it shows that other things can be controlled. 


    Would be really super if you could use something like Font Awesome icons for the carousel images....

    • Angel Ars thanks a lot for sharing your suggestions here, I'll make sure to share it with our team.

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