Set up Room Sensors

Each Smart Remote kit includes three Room Sensors, which unlock Smart Remote’s ability to automatically display the right controls when you point Smart Remote at any device (also known as Point Mode). This feature is only available in the room or area where the Room Sensors and Charging Base are installed.


Here are the requirements for placing your Room Sensors


  • Placement of Room Sensors determines the size and performance of your Smart Zone (the area where Point Mode is available to use).

  • Place Room Sensors as far apart from each other as possible, but not more than 50 feet (15m) from one another.

  • Room Sensors should only be placed on vertical walls or surfaces.

  • Only one Room Sensor should be placed per wall


  • The Room Sensors and the Charging Base must see each other.
  • Don’t let walls or objects block the line of sight between any Room Sensors.


  • The Charging Base needs to be visible by all three Room Sensors. 


Now let's install your Room Sensors


  1. Turn on Room Sensors
    • Pull and remove the plastic tabs on all three Room Sensors. When complete, the LED status light of each Room Sensor should blink white.
  2. Place Room Sensors
    • Use the provided velcro strips to attach the Room Sensors to your walls. 
    • Make sure the Room Sensors and Charging Base see each other in the final positions you've selected to place them.

Now you can activate Point Mode and locate items. You will need to locate at least two items in different locations (at last 6 feet (2m) apart from one another) to start using Point Mode.

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