Smart Remote: IR, WiFi and/or Bluetooth?

I'm new here and have been curious about how my new Smart Remote communicates with my devices: Looks like Bluetooth to my Apple TV4 and my new Samsung TV, but via IR with my Yamaha receiver and Oppo Blu-Ray player.

However, both my Yamaha receiver and my Oppo Blu-Ray planer DO have Wifi and are logged onto my inhouse wifi system on the 2.4 band. And, I can control both of them with my iPad and iPhone with apps for each one of them. 

I guess I assumed that my wifi devices could be controlled via wifi by my new Smart Remote. No? Or, have I missed something?

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  • Hi Art Shotwell thanks for sharing your questions. Smart Remote is compatible with your Apple TV4 via BLE indeed. It is compatible with your Samsung TV, Yamaha Receiver and Oppo Blu-Ray player via infrared only even though these devices can also be controlled via Wi-Fi.

  • Thanks. I wish we could use Wifi for all my devices that have it. ... I'm finding an issue with our Xfinity cable box. IR only. I have to very carefully point the Smart Remote directly at the box. No connection at the slightest off direct pointing. Their remote and my Harmony are more forgiving of mis-aiming. Feels like Smart Remote has a weak signal. 

    • Art Shotwell thanks a lot for sharing this. Would you mind sending us the Serial Number of your Smart Remote at support@sevenhugs.com so we just verify your Smart Remote has no issues with IR?

  • Well you claim to control 650,000 devices as the hype pitch to your product however what you fail to admit is that while you may control that many devices that control is very limited or poor at best and the best you can reply to a customers concern is we may look into that in the future.

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  • I second that. I’m disappointed that Sevenhugs doesn’t have commands for each of those devices in their database, but relies on users to use IR Learning to build those commands into their own individual databases on their app and SmartRemote. I compare with Harmony, which, of course, has been at it far longer than Sevenhugs. 

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      Art Shotwell 


      The bigger issue is that as newer remotes move to WI-FI many do not even have IR that would allow for programing custom keys, like my Xfinity remote. This makes the Sevenhugs remote almost useless for trying to control the set top box.

  • As far as I know, my new xfinity remote, an x-15, is IR only and is not programmable beyond controlling sound on an audio device...it can’t even turn on my Yamaha receiver. It can turn the receiver off and can control receiver volume. but It can’t turn it on and switch to the tv input. So, it’s not a remote I can hand to my wife. 

    • Art Shotwell could you please share with us what commands are missing on your x-15 interface on Smart Remote? We would love to work on adding them to the database.

  • Anne-Sophie, I think you're misunderstanding me. It's the x-15 remote that is missing controls. It can turn on and off my tv -or- turn off my receiver, but lacks the ability to turn on my receiver or switch inputs on my receiver. Your SmartRemote can handle all the x-15 commands just fine, I think.

    My issue is commands absent for my Yamaha receiver. Your database lacks all those inputs, forcing me to try to program them first in my Harmony remote, then use IR learning to get them into your SmartRemote.

    • Art Shotwell I understand. We are currently trying to find a way to add codes that or not present on the original remote control, we'll make sure to let you know as soon as we find a better solution for this.

  • Thank you. I realize Sevenhugs is still a startup. I appreciate that you continue to improve your SmartRemote firmware/software. I am very pleased with what you all have done so far. Actually, I'm having fun trying to lay out my own perfect remote control for each of my scenes. 

    • Art Shotwell thanks a lot for your feedback and please continue to share it, we love feedback here at Sevenhugs! We are always trying to improve your experience, so we really appreciate receiving your ideas!

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