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Apple TV — Bluetooth control

At this time the API associated with Apple TV Bluetooth Control is not open for development. We will continue to look into supporting the Harmony Hub but we can not offer a time when this will be supported.

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  • Hi! Good news, we have added integration of Apple TV via BLE to our latest release! Please feel free to report any feedback on this new integration here and thanks again for your patience!

  • Hi everyone! Good news, connection and disconnection pop-ups and interruptions in certain apps on Apple TV have been fixed in our latest software release. Please check out the release notes here.

    • Anne-Sophie F.  Congrats on fixing the pop-up issue (Keyboard Connected/ Disconnected) when using Apple TV. However; with the new firmware I get the following message on the remote when trying to control Apple TV - 'Connecting'.. So now the remote does not work at all for Apple TV. Seems u have a bug.. Please advise.. 

      • Aymerik
      • Aymerik_Moureau
      • 1 yr ago
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      Anne-Sophie F. thanks for this update, was long-awaited, and is now appreciable not to have anymore this annoying message on the screen. 

    • frank russo could you please reach out to us via email with the Serial Number of your Smart Remote, the model and software version of your Apple TV? Have you tried removing it from Smart Remote via Smart Remote App and adding it again?

    • Aymerik we totally agree, we are glad that this update made your experience better!

  • Bluetooth control would be great. A few of my Apple TVs are in cabinets and there is not line of site for IR. A mic for Siri could control and search would be double awesome.  

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    • Graham Gieseker we need voice support for the apple tv like the original remote that comes with the with the apple tv for siri search

  • Will this addition then allow us to use Universal Search within Apple TV? I use Universal Search CONSTANTLY and it is something I think would be extremely beneficial.    

    • Hi  Chris Fourmont ,
      The upcoming Apple TV BLE integration will allow using the search with Smart Remote keyboard.
      I hope this helps!

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  • Hi all,

    though the BLE integration is wonderful and works fine, there's one little drawback that keeps bothering me: whenever the remote goes into 'standby' (black screen) I observe on the display an appleTV message (keyboard disconnected) and bringing back the remote to life (eg touching its screen) yeilds another one (keyboard connected).

    Am I the only one facing this? Any workaround ?

    Thanx in anticipation !

    • Aymerik thanks a lot for sharing this. You are not the only one facing that as this is a limitation with Apple. Our team is working on getting this fix, we'll let you know as soon as an improvement on this part is live!

  • It would be nice NOT to see the ‘keyboard connected/disconnected’ pop-up on screen whenever the apple tv is selected in the remote

    • Egg Buoy View sure our team is working on solving this! We'll make sure to let you know as soon as we have an update!

  • Any news on when this will be fixed... The keyboard message is very annoying.. 

    • frank russo we still have received no news from Apple about this, we'll make sure to let you know as soon as we do!

  • They are not going to change it.. make the keyboard optional on set-up... I really would never use it, so disabling it is not an issue.. You have the keyboard button blocked from removal .. Anyway just a suggestion..

    • frank russo with this specific integration the Smart Remote is seen as a keyboard by the Apple TV, this is why we can't make it optional for now.

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