Use Point Mode

Point Mode gives you instant access to anything by pointing. To use this feature, you must install the Room Sensors, activate Point Mode, and locate at least two devices or items in different areas of your Smart Zone (the room where your Room Sensors are installed). Here are some tips and pointers keep in mind.

  • You know you are in Point Mode if you see a small arrow at the top of your Smart Remote screen. If you don’t see an arrow and see a line below the carousel, then you are in Manual Selection Mode. To enter Point Mode, just swipe the line up to the top of the screen until the line disappears and an arrow icon appears at the top of the screen. To exist Point Mode and enter Manual Selection Mode, just swipe down on the arrow at the top of the screen. The arrow will disappear and a line will appear below the carousel to indicate that you are in Manual Selection Mode.

  • When you point Smart Remote at two or more devices or items that are located near one another (less than 20 inches (.5m) from each other), a carousel will appear at the top of Smart Remote that allows you to swipe to select which device you want to control.

  • Point Mode currently supports 2D location mapping. If you locate a device or item 8 feet (2.5m) high and another one below that location on the ground, Smart Remote will not recognize these as two locations.

  • Smart Remote gives you the ability to control any Wi-Fi device on the same network as Smart Remote, even if those devices are not located in your Smart Zone (the room where your Room Sensors are installed). All you need to do is set locations in your Smart Zone for these devices to control them. For example, you could set a location in your Smart Zone that is in direction of your dining room to control your dining room lights.

  • Consider using Point Mode to control A/V Scenes, Home Scenes, and groups of lights instead of locating each and every individual device you add to Smart Remote. You should only locate individual devices that you want instant access to in Point Mode.

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