Add Freebox via Wi-Fi

Smart Remote is compatible with Freebox via Wi-Fi.

Here is how to add a Freebox on Smart Remote:

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Smart Remote.

  2. Launch the Sevenhugs Smart Remote app and make sure you are on the Devices & Service tab.

  3. Select “Add a device or service"

  4. Select “Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Devices”

  5. Select "Scan my network"

  6. Select your Freebox

  7. Enter your Freebox remote code on Smart Remote App. To get this code, on your Freebox go to settings > System > Freebox Player and server information

Freebox should be added on your Smart Remote. 



  • As Freebox is controlled via Wi-Fi, if the Freebox turns OFF (not in sleep mode), you won't be able to control it anymore. To avoid this, please change the following settings:
    • "Réglages > Système > Gestion de l'énergie"
    • "Action par défaut de la touche extinction" => "Mettre en veille"
    • "Délai d'inactivité avant extinction automatique" => "Désactivé"

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