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Not a major issue, but the remote is showing the wrong time. Is there a setting to set the time or timezone? The only setting I see is 12/24hrs.

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  • I have the same issue.

  • The timing of the remote is automatic, it will display the current time of your Smart Phone when you first activated your Smart Remote, this cannot currently be changed.

    • Bolu O The time was previously correct. This issue started when the firmware was upgraded. 

    • Bolu O Mine is 8 hours behind, not just seconds or minutes and my phone  had the correct time at the first activation.

    • Marco Bonomo yes mine as well. It looks like the time zone itself might be wrong

  • Tarinder Singh Marco Bonomo Thank you for the update, it seems like there could be another underlying Issue, I will report this occurence to the dev team and we will make sure to find a solution. 

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  • Same issue as of 10/02/19 current time is 19.32 on my phone and remote is showing 5.32 

  • i leave in GMT+7 time zone but clock on remote displayed GMT-5. if possible please add manual time zone feature for fix this problems.

    • Waiwit Sirita Hi, we are currently working on a fix for this timezone issue, it should be live in one of our next updates.

  • Same issue here. Awaiting the update. 

  • Hi all, 

    With regards the the Smart remote displaying an incorrect timezone, the Smart Remote sets it's time automatically based on the time settings of your Smart phone, there is no current way to manually change or update it. 

    We are however currently creating a fix for this issue which will be implemented in one of our next updates so we ask that you please have some patience until then.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions, we would be more than happy to help.

    • Any update on the manual time adjustment? The time on the remote is not showing the same time as my mobile phone (remote is 8 hours ahead of my mobile phone)

    • Mohd Noor Amin 

      This issue should be resolved in the next software version. The time will be the same as your phone. We had a small bug on synchronizing time with some asian regions.


      Currently this new version is already available for our beta testers. And should be available for everyone in January.


      Stay tuned.

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