This is one of the most disappointing products I’ve kickstarted.

I.dont.use it. I haven’t even setup the sensors for motion tracking. What’s the point when the only device I have that works is my tv. I’m still waiting on that Wink Hub support that was originally supposed to be there. At this point I’ve pretty much lost all interest in the hardware. The only reason why I’m posting this is because I was cleaning under the couch and saw the remote covered in dust. It must have fallen off its stand and fell under and I had completely forgot it even existed. 

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  • Hi Robert Pelletier , Smart Remote currently supports a wide variety of devices (Bluetooth, Wifi and Infrared) and with the option to make use of IR learning to you can even add newer devices from scratch. Wink Hub is definitely still on our radar, we simply have to cater to the more popular integration requests so we work on this on a priority basis. 

    If you are struggling with certain aspects of using the Smart Remote please don't hesitate to contact support and we will be more than happy to help you with any walkthroughs or trouble shooting processes.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    • Bolu O the only thing I’m struggling with is the lack of support for different devices that it was advertised to work with. And I didn’t buy it for infrared learning. 

  • I think you not using the device is a terrible reason to give it a poor review. Although I will say that I have been waiting until about a month ago to first use mine as well but now that I have full control of my custom devices wiI think you not using the device is a terrible reason to give it a poor review. Although I will say that I have been waiting until about a month ago to first use mine as well but now that I have full control of my custom devices with the IR learning working the remote is AMAZING. Try the IR learning to make your own custom screen if you already have a remote. I also have not setup the sensors yet but I highly recommend getting a device to use the remote to it's potential as I think it'll change your impression of it as it's changed mine for sure. Good luck! 

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    • Mark Vasquez you’re missing the point. I literally can’t use the device because the hardware they originally said it would support, still isn’t supported. When they started the Kickstarter they said it would work with Wink hubs and it doesn’t. The main reason why I invested in the remote is currently an absent feature. The only infrared device I have is my tv. Great. My remote works with one single thing in my home. 

    • Robert Pelletier Hi Robert, rest assured all of the features that were advertised during our campaign will be supported without a doubt, some may just take some time as there are quite a lot of intricacies that go into integrating devices and features such as the ones mentioned and we also to prefer to make sure what we implement runs perfectly and without fail before we integrate it. We do ask for just some patience and you will not be dissapointed.

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    • Bolu O Respectfully, I think I've had this device for almost a year now, and several things that were on your kickstarter page have yet to become available.   No Lutron, No Somfy.  No Wink.   No Insteon. Truly, having integrated these products into other systems, they don't have some vastly impossible API infrastructure that it should be taking this long.   Of course, in that same year, you also have now released a new version of the remote I help pay to create, though without the "pointing" feature.... which is great, but you can't advertise this thing as a whole-home smart remote to control all your digital ioT, when you don't support even MAJOR players in the space.   You basically support Hue (among the major players) and that's great, if you don't mind spending $30 per bulb to make your lights smart -- but if you ever want to move out from the hobbyist, niche market that you were born out of, your're going to have to step up your integration pace.    I can't even remember the last time you introduced something actually new on your compatibility list.

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  • You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. If you hate the product just sell it on eBay, they fetch more than your Kickstarter pledge in some instances.  I bought mine used on eBay. So far it doesn't list my Epson 5040UBe which is odd as it's been out three years. 

    I'm using the learning function to add all the features I want. I'll update on battery life after a few days. 

    Now that being said, this is a tiny start-up, not Microsoft. Some of the complaint's I see people are acting like sevenhugs killed their first born. Get a grip. They want to succeed, but I understand as I am a start-up CEO myself the gargantuan hurdles in front of me. So far the product is pretty cool. Let's see how they proceed in the next few months. 

    But not using the remote is just plain silly. Sell it. 

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  • Update, 


    Been using the remote for a week. Gotta say that this thing is fantastic. I can almost guarantee that most of the issues are user error based. There is a learning curve for sure, especially between the remote and the app. It's not 100% clear on the learning function. 

    Once you learn how to actually program custom buttons it's flipping amazing and addictive. 

    Sevenhugs please make the IR learning function a final priority, it's what has made this thing so good for me so far. 

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    • Wil Tosado you’re missing the point. It literally doesn’t support the devices it said it would. 

    • Robert Pelletier Hmmmmn, have you tried using the learning function?  I have some really old equipment as well as my new Epson, 4K blue ray player, Denon receiver *which wasn’t listed* as well as a 12 year old DVD 400 disk changer and they all work with this remote with the learning function.

      My point is, with a little effort you can literally make anything that uses IR to work with the remote.  If you’re speaking about home automation stuff I’m a little confused why you would buy the remote.  My entire home is automated, from front door locks, lights, HVAC, entertainment, multi-room audio and I use my Amazon echos for that.  Using a handheld remote for home automation is silly when you can simply just speak to Alexa.

      When I am headed down the stairs to the home theater I just say “Alexa, watch a movie”.  And all my lights are tuned, the receiver, BlueRay player, and projector all turn on.  Then I’m using the seven hugs remote to do the more granular adjustments to the receiver and the projector depending on what aspect ratio movie I’m watching.

      So not sure what you where expecting.  IMO, you’re using your home automation wrong.  Sorry man.

      Could you actually list what isn’t working?  Like I said, if it’s infrared I don’t see how it won’t work with the remote unless you don’t have the original remote.  If its a home automation device then I think you’re doing it wrong.  Alexa, Google Home are much better devices for that.

    • Wil Tosado the devices I’m talking about aren’t infrared devices. They’re home automation hubs. God give me some credit. I know how these devices work. 

      And you’ve lost your mind if you think the current voice assistances out there are the way to automate your home. 

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    • Robert Pelletier 

      I'm crazy then because Alexa literally opens my front door, arms my home security, starts my home theater, sets my lights, answers and makes calls, changes inputs on my TV, takes down and orders my shopping list, plays music in every room of my home, lets me know the traffic for my commute, hell the only thing she doesn't do is make me a sandwich. 

      So not sure how you're using your automated home but me thinks you should cryogenically freeze yourself and wake up in let's say 40 years. By then it may be up to snuff. :)

      For the granular details so far this little plastic and glass gadget has been very cool. I'm stress testing the battery. I'll update in a week or so with my findings. 

      Oh, and for the record the guy I bought this from on eBay told me he was selling this to me because he couldn't "figure it out". LOL

    • Wil Tosado I have an echo. Yes Alexa is great but she doesn’t replace an automation hub where you can create robots and triggers and it supports multiple brands and devices. Even generic devices that just have zwave can be added to my hub. And from there I can control everything. Even create rules for all these devices to follow. For instance I can have a motion sensor in my hallway that when triggered can turn on a light at a specific time that I designate. The same device can also alert me to activity or just a passive trigger for other actions. I can create geo fences that activate different things depending on where I am. If I drive up to the house after a specific time of day, it can turn on lights, unlock doors, whatever I want. I can even set a scene so that if I’m away from home, my lights will turn themselves on and off to mimic there being someone in the house. There’s so much hubs can do as well as allow you to use multiple devices by multiple vendors. It doesn’t have to be certified to work with Alexa. Alexa is great as an addition to a hub, but is nothing compared to dedicated hub for all of your home automation devices. You’ve barely touched the surface. 

      And this remote was originally sold to be able to work with hubs and allow you to point at different devices and change their states. I didn’t buy it to just use with infrared devices. I bought to turn lights on and off, trigger outlets, control my home like it was billed to be able to do.

      And by the way, if you love Alexa and infrared devices so much you screwed up by buying this remote (which doesn’t support Alexa). You should have bought a Harmony hub and remote because it would have extended all your Alexa voice controls over to controlling all of your infrared devices. 

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    • Wil Tosado I agree that the learning does seem to work, however I would argue that the UI could use a lot of work. 

      I think there could be a separate learning menu, rather than selecting a random item from a random country. 

      And the remote can obviously read signals from other remotes, so would it be possible to simply point your random remote at it and press 'volume up', the sevenhugs remote can then save the signal and assign the label 'volume up' to it??

    • Mike Morgan Yes, it's that simple, literally. I have my entire 11.2 Atmos, projector, Xbox, HDdvd, 4K Blu-ray, and scripts for different things all running through the seven hugs via learning. Not sure what the mystery is here. 

    • Wil Tosado Christ all mighty. The issue isn’t IR devices. It’s wifi, home automation, hub connected fixtures and lights that were promised to be supported at launch and still don’t work with the remote. Jesus, you guys aren’t thinking. I don’t care about IR devices! The remote was originally sold as a Kickstarter as a gesture enabled remote. I was supposed to be able to point at a light and turn it off and it was supposed to support the Wink hub. And it doesn’t do that! And there’s absolutely no way remote learning can make it work. 

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    • Wil Tosado yes I agree it works, which is great, I'm simply saying the UI could be improved for this process with its own menu for adding a random item.

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    • Mike Morgan Thanks a lot for your feedback, our team is definitely working on improving the experience to add an IR device from scratch!

    • Anne-Sophie F. thanks for the feedback, great to hear. Appreciate the continued support from your team.

    • Robert Pelletier 

      Seems to me then that you're using the wrong product. I would not use a handheld remote to control those devices, I find voice works better, hence there are other devices for that. But for granular control of components this remote works great. 


      While sevenhugs promised those things, I believe it was padding in features that don't really jibe well with a handheld remote. All my Echos have handheld remotes as well. Guess how many times I've used them?  Zero. 


      Sometimes you have to realize a tools best use scenario.  YMMV of course as witnessed by your rage toward me. *shrug

    • Wil Tosado No, it would have been the perfect device for those needs. Instead of going into an app or using voice controls with alexa, I could take the same remote I use for my tv, point, and click to turn off a lamp. Point, click to silence Alexa. Point and click to disable a security camera. Point and click to dim a light. And for my wife or guests who don’t have the appropriate apps on their phone, they could also control all of my devices with just the remote. That’s why the gesture control feature of the remote exists. Heck you were even supposed to be able to click at your front door to call an Uber. They promised so much which is why I supported the Kickstarter. 

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  • See that's odd, because with my Alexa and my Wink hub 2, smart switches and plugs as well as other smart devices, I can do everything that you mentioned.  I'm pretty sure it was implied that I wasn't using Alexa on its own.  Its integrated with my Wink Hub 2 and they work wonderfully together.  I have routines for 5:30am Mon/Fri that turns on the heated floor in the bathroom and turns on my NPR news brief on the Echo in the bathroom.  When I leave she automatically locks the doors and sets my ADT.  All this is pretty simple to setup via routines.  Seems again we have an instance of not knowing how to use your technology my friend.  Its OK, it happens.  :)

    Also, I'm a little confused as how I screwed up when all my stuff is doing exactly what I want, even the sevenhugs remote.  Hehe.  Also, I had a harmony.  I wanted something I could program that was a tad more elegant and didn't look like a Fisher Price My First Remote.  LOL

    I say you sell it, you can get excellent returns on Ebay, definitely more than you paid.  Take advantage while the gettins good.

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    • Wil Tosado You don't understand anything. I agree with Robert Pelletier  , he's isn't saying that he isn't able to do it with alexa or other device, or that he's too dumb to setup is home automation...

      He said that it took part of this project for all possiblities promised by Sevenhugs . Me Too.


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeD___BCorQ   3years ago...


      So if you're happy with your used remote, ok, but Robert Pelletier  and I waited 3years for a remote that was supposed to be delivered on Summer 2017 with full of devices and services to control and we just received a universal Tv remote with IR Learning  😂, and we are supposed to be happy with it? At this price?  If I have to deal with it i rather by a harmony remote that stays further days/weeks charged and already able to do all thoose things and even more/better...

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    • LAFORGE Emilien We do appreciate your support since the beginning and we can definitely understand some of your frustrations regarding the delays of integration, please rest assured that every single feature that we promised during our campaign will undoubtedly be implemented at some point in the future. Currently we focus on the Integrations on a priority basis depending on the most popular topics voted for in our Device/Feature request section. We had hoped to roll out the Integrations at a faster pace than currently however somethings end up taking more time than imagined but that is not to say that our devs are not working round the clock in order to provide everyone with the best user experience possible.

      There are definitely competitors who may provide similar services however when we eventually have everything in place, I can assure you that none of them will be able to match what Smart Remote has to offer and we are sure that you and many others saw this potential which is why you chose to support us, we ask for some more patience and you will not be disappointed.

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    • Bolu O Hi, thanks for your reply. I never doubted about that, this remote will be ever better, that's why i'm still here and I check every update!

      I'm just saying I understand Robert's frustration. And Will says that we have chosen the wrong device for home automation, I think it's (it will be) the right one.

      The lastest update really seems to improve battery life, it would be great have the choice to remove haptic feedback and screen sleep mode delay to get it even better.


      I am looking forward IFTTT Integration, a good start to make this "home cinema remote" a "home automation remote" 😉


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    • LAFORGE Emilien 

      No, I completely understand.  It’s great sevenhugs support is assuring you this will be added, but IMO you’re using the device wrong.  I wouldn’t use a pair of tweezers to hammer in a nail.  I understand what you want it to do, but IMO there are so many better things at doing that that saying “This is the most disappointing product I’ve ever seen in the history of the world” comes off as hyperbolic and silly, especially considering the garbage that has been kickstarted.  LOL

      I really hope you guys get the wonder remote you’re looking for.  I’ll be over here using the hell out of my remote the way a remotes supposed to be used.  :p

    • Bolu O none of those other competitors supplied the perfect remote straight out of box, and if they had such a product none of us would be here. So it will be a long road to get to that point.

      Your prioritising strategy seems to be a good approach. All progress is appreciated.

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