Add an infrared device

Smart Remote is compatible with over 650,000 infrared (IR) devices. To see IR devices currently compatible with Smart Remote, go here. You can also teach Smart Remote to control non-compatible IR devices via infrared learning.


  1. Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Smart Remote.

  2. Launch the Sevenhugs Smart Remote app and make sure you are on the Devices & Services tab.

  3. Select “Add a device or service".

  4. Select "Infrared Devices"

  5. Select the category of the device you want to add.

  6. Confirm your device location (some devices are not available in all regions; if you cannot find the device you're looking for, you may need to search the continent instead of the specific region).

  7. Search for and select the brand of the device you want to add.

  8. Choose how you want to add the device:

    • Option 1: “Enter my model manually.”  This is the best way to add your IR devices and will give the fullest range of controls for this device. Once you’ve entered the model number of your device and selected it, your device will appear on Smart Remote (if you don't find the model of your device, please try entering the model number of its remote control, you may find it on the back of your remote or in the battery compartment)

    • Option 2: “Continue on Smart Remote.”  This method allows you to use Smart Remote to test different IR codes with your device to confirm which device you own. Follow the instructions on Smart Remote to test IR codes with your device.

You are now ready to control your IR device via Smart Remote.


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