Connecting an IR controlled HDMI switch

I'm trying to connect my Smart Remote to a Phillips brand SWV9484B/27 four input HDMI switch and am having no luck. I went through the Philips options in both "Set Top Boxes & Media Streamers" and "Audio/Video Devices" categories and none of the codes worked for my device. The HDMI switch came with a simple IR remote with four buttons for each of the inputs. My goal is to create scenes for each of the devices connected to the switch so i can easily toggle between the inputs and power up the input devices simultaneously.

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  • I think the support for HDMI switches needs significant improvement,  I hacked around my hdmi switch issue by adding a custom button to my AV scene setup to switch to the right HDMI switch input, and then used the IR learning to program in the button.... it sort of works, but its a nasty hack.

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    • Frank Cappabianca have you tried adding your HDMI switch via IR learning? Here is how to do so, please let us know if that helps. 

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    • Anne-Sophie F.  I was in fact able to add my HDMI switch via IR learning. it was easy enough to do however to    Joe lovick 's point, it was not  very straightforward. It's unclear when setting up the remote initially that IR learning is even an option, let-alone how to do it. 

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  • Joe lovick  thanks for sharing this hack! Our team is definitely planning to work on improving HDMI switches integrations and experience on Smart Remote!

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  • Hi Frank Cappabianca the models have been added to our DB this week. 
    Could you please verify if you are still having issues ? Thanks

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    • Bolu O i have not checked but i was able to get my HDMI switch connected via IR learning as mentioned above. thanks for the followup. I still think there could be some improvement on the app that walks a user through what IR learning is and when/how to use it. 

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      • Bolu OSevenhugs
      • Customer Care
      • Moboluwaji_Okupe
      • 7 mths ago
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      Frank Cappabianca Thanks for the update, glad to know that it is finally working, I have shared your suggestion with the dev team.

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    • Bolu O I found the HDMI switch model I need in the database but always get a "Something went wrong while downloading SWV9484B/27"  error message. 

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    • Hi Félix Senepin, the error you encounter is a known issue. To resolve it, please follow these instructions. In the meantime, we will follow-up your incident to our dev team. But for that, we need your Smart Remote serial number. Can you share it with us? Thanks

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    • Pierre Anzil Thanks Pierre, SN is 8080c248b48b260139

      If the solution to resolve the issue to HW reset the device, it's not really a great experience, as I suspect I will then need to set up all of my devices again? And what if it still doesn't fix it?

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    • Thanks, Félix Senepin, we reported your issue to our dev team. As you can see here, the hardware reset is just the process to turn on/off Smart Remote. So you won't need to set up your Smart Remote again. For your information, even if you have to return your Smart Remote to the factory setting, you won't lose your configuration because we store it on your Smart Remote mobile app. If this solution didn't fix your issue, let us know so we can investigate further.

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    • Pierre Anzil Thanks for the clarification, that's good to know.
      Unfortunately, neither restarting the app nor the hardware reset did the trick. I still get the same message: "Something went wrong while downloading SWV9484B-27. Error: retry failed"

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    • Hi Pierre Anzil , any updates for me?
      It still isn't working. I tried a factory reset as well, no luck.
      I'm happy to send you the logs if there's a way to do so.

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    • Hi Félix Senepin, sorry for the late reply. We missed your previous message. Our dev team found a workaround for your issue. Can you erase your config by following this article? You will be able to restore your config. It will delete the infrared memory from the previous data. Indeed, your chip thinks you already have the HDMI switch, so you get this error. This kind of issue will be fixed in a future release. Let us know if that help.

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    • Pierre Anzil Thanks for the reply. It seems that I am missing the link to the article you mention.
      I suspect you refer to this article?
      I followed the steps. The first time I recovered my config --> didn't fix the issue.
      I tried a second time not recovering my config --> fixed the issue, but now I need to reconfigure everything else.
      I hope the feedback helped you improve the remote for everyone.

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    • Sorry, Félix Senepin, you didn't miss the article, I forgot to add the link in my message. But you were right; we were referring to the section you shared. Thanks a lot for your feedback, it helps as we thought restoring the config will work. And, we are sorry that you had to reconfigure your Smart Remote.

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  • Once you learn how IR learning, labeling, deletion and addition of buttons and their placement works you'll be golden. IMO it's the strongest part of this remote and I don't think sevenhugs focused enough on it. 

    There are just too many components to natively support everything. Then if supported the really granular control like lens shift on my projector isn't there. So I add it via IR learning. 

    Like any tech product this has a learning curve. Unfortunately as a technologist I see everyday how people struggle with the nuances of how their technology works and the frustration of learning it. 

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