Add an infrared device via Infrared Learning

Smart Remote doesn't support yet adding an infrared (IR) device from scratch but there is a workaround you can use for that. Here is how to do so:



  1. Make sure your phone and Smart Remote are connected on the same Wi-Fi network. 

  2. Launch the Sevenhugs Smart Remote app and make sure you are on the Devices & Services tab.

  3. Add a random IR device following these steps

  4. Use the ability to customize your screen layout to remove all buttons on your current interface and rename your device
    1. In Smart Remote App, click on the random infrared device you just added
    2. Click on "Device Name" to rename it
    3. Click on "customize screen layout".
    4. Click on "Get Started" to personalize how your buttons are displayed onscreen
    5. Click on the button already present on the interface and click "Remove Button"
    6. Repeat step 4. for all buttons already present on your IR device interface

Once you have removed all buttons you can now start adding new buttons via IR learning, here is how to do so:

  1. Click on a "+" to add a button where you need
  2. Select the format of the button you would like to add
  3. Select "Use infrared learning"
  4. Enter a Name for the button you would like to add
  5. Click "Done"
  6. Repeat steps 1. to 5. all other buttons you would like to add on your Smart Remote interface and on the different page you will have access to
  7. Once done, click "Save"
  8. Leave the custom UI section in Smart Remote App 

At this point, all your buttons will be added on your Smart Remote, you now have to learn their infrared codes from your original device's remote control:

  1. On your Smart Remote interface click on the button you would like  to add
  2. Place your old remote on a flat surface in front of your Smart Remote, less than 5cm from each other (both infrared windows should face each other).
  3. Press start on Smart Remote
  4. Press and hold the missing button on your old remote for several seconds until you get a screen "Infrared button received" (if this doesn't work at first try and you get an error 31, please retry again make sure you hold the button on your old remote long enough and that requirements described in step 1. are respected)
  5. Test the button learned by pressing it on Smart Remote
  6. Press "YES"
  7. Press "finish"

Repeat steps 1. to 7. for all buttons you have added on your Smart Remote interface to fully build your IR device interface. 

Note: Please make sure to perform IR learning via your Smart Remote only after pressing "Save" on UI customization interface in Smart Remote App and leaving Custom UI section in the Smart Remote App.

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