No Kodi found and ONKYO Amp not responding

So the no Kodi found is exactly as it says. It finds my Nest, my Apple TV and my Sonos but not my Kodi. Yes, Kodi is on and in the network and other iOS apps work fine with it. 


Second is my ONKYO TN-XR636 A/V amp which worked only once with IR while in front of it but now won't respond at all to any IR even when standing right in front of it. Am I missing something?

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  • Paul B. Thanks for taking the time to raise this. Could you please take a look at this article concerning your Kodi device and let us know if that helps?

    We had some issue with our IR database, could you please try to remove your ONKYO TN-XR636 A/V amp and add it again?

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  • Well, as soon as I delete and re install it, then it works. But as soon as I try to rename the input buttons (yes I'm using the beta version that will let me do this) then it won't respond at all.

    If I repeat the above, same problem. 

    I realize it's beta but come on, it's naming input buttons. You really want me to create scenes while figuring out what input is what?

    I really want to love this remote but I keep finding stupid problems that shouldn't exist.


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  • Okay, I take back what I just said. Even without doing the beta thing, the codes work at first for like 2 or three minutes but then they stop working. There is no response to any clicks on the Onkyo device on the smart remote. Volume or anything else will stop working.

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    • Paul B. thanks for getting back to us. Could you try to power cycle your Smart Remote and let me know if that helps?

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  • Btw, you guys need to figure out how to get access to volume when one is "in" another device.

    For example, when in Kodi and want to change volume then I have to switch back to the amp device. That shouldn't be. Any smart remote will always have volume/mute available from any device setting.

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    • Paul B. in that case we recommend to create an AV Scene so you have access to commands for different devices on one single interface.

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