Manage/share multiple Smart Remote kits & homes

The Smart Remote app allows you to manage different configurations of Smart Remote & Homes.

A Home is defined by a configuration of devices, services, groups, AV Scenes, Home Scenes you want to get access to on your Smart Remote:

  • One Smart Remote has one configuration.
  • If you have several Smart Remotes they could all share the same configuration.
  • Your different Smart Remotes could also each have different configurations. In that case, you would need to set up different Homes in App.
  • You can also share all your configurations with different users in-app so they can modify the setup at any time too.

The first time you set up your Smart Remote you’ll have to add a new Smart Remote and create your first home.

Once you’ve created your first home, you’ll be able to create different configurations or keep only one depending on your needs by:

  • Pushing an existing app configuration (home) to a new Smart Remote : this will allow you to recover on your Smart Remote the configuration you already have set up in your app. It will help you in the following use cases:

    • You have several Smart Remotes and want them to share the same configuration as your first Smart Remote.

    • You just got a new Smart Remote but still have your Home in-app configured and don’t want to have to restart adding all your setup from scratch

  • Creating a new configuration (home) on your Smart Remote App : this will allow you to create different configurations for your different Smart Remotes. It will help you in the case you have different rooms in your home with Smart Remotes in each and would like to have a different configuration per Smart Remote.

  • Pushing an already configured Smart Remote to a home in your mobile app : this will allow you to recover the configuration of your Smart Remote on your mobile app. It will help you in the following use cases:
    • You want to allow someone else with a different mobile to be able to add devices, modify settings, etc. Once your Smart Remote is already set up on your own mobile you’ll just need to restore the configuration from your Smart Remote to your mobile app.
    • You had to replace your Smartphone and don’t want to restart setup from scratch

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