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Wireless charging

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  • If not a wireless charger at least a better design that the existing one. 

  • The current charging base is bad, bad, bad.  The SevenHugs remote is brilliant but the charging base is LAME! My $30 cordless phone has a better charging base.  My Harmony remote has a better charging base. My $50 walkie talkies has a better charging base.  Please improve the charging design.  I'll buy another SevenHugs remote with that.

    • Murray Thibodeaux Persoanlly I have become increasingly disenchanted by the Sevenhugs remote.  My remote has constant issues now - buggy is an understatement.  Just ordered a NEEO remote, which seems to be everything the Sevenhugs should be - touchscreen with some buttons in a much better designed package.  Debating of just going back to my Harmony remote; while the Harmony doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Sevenhugs or NEEO, in all the years and number of Harmony remotes I have bought I have yet to have a single issue, something I cannot say about the Sevenhugs.  

      With regard to the charging station, agree that this is a poor design.  In my opinion by far the weakest link of the Sevenhugs remote ecosystem.  

  • Hi! Thanks for sharing this request. Our product team is making sure to take your feedback into account for our next generation of Smart Remote!

  • I agree. It’s terrible.  We haven’t used our Sevenhugs remote much yet over our harmony because of the bugs/lack of features/no RF etc but even in our limited use the children have managed to bend the sticking up usb c port. It’s fragile and not up to family use. 

    The harmony we use with the kids is now 6 years old and looks and charges like new 

    • Thank you all for your feedback, we will definitely take it into account for our next generation of Smart Remote.

  • I just received mine a few days ago and works wonderfully, the ir learning function seems to require improvment though, in terms of the learning process.

    One idea, It would be advantageous to have a case that integrates usb c connection internally to the device and externally (to the base)  and allows wireless charging via either the Qi standard or the  usb-c charging dock with maybe an additional battery integrated in the case to improve battery life. I know it maybe a long shot, but it may work.

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    • Richard Olafeyide Thank you for the suggestion, I have shared this with the dev team.

  • An upgraded (remote case) with wireless charging capabilities would be convenient. -Thank You

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      A case like Apples iPhone battery case but much slimmer. Slide the remote into it to protect it. Toss a Qi system in there with a small additional battery. Sell a new charging dock or pad. 2nd gen remote with wireless built in uses that dock or pad too. 

    • JesseTron Thats very good idea Jesse, I can see how an Iphone battery case like Apples could fit well with Sevenhugs, will make sure to let the team know about it.

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