Create a Home Scene

Here we will show you what a Home Scene is for and how to set up one.

Combine your lights, music and more into Home Scenes

Example: Set the perfect lighting for dinner and play some music—all with a single tap.



Start recording your Home Scene on Smart Remote

After you name your Home Scene in the app, it will appear on Smart Remote. Just tap the name of your Home Scene to start recording.



Add devices and services by adjusting their controls

• Adjust the current state of any item to add it to your Home Scene (e.g. turn on/off, adjust volume/color).
• Then set the desired state for the item (e.g. on or off, 50% volume, red light color).



Save your Home Scene 

When you're done recording your Home Scene, navigate back to your Home Scenes screen on Smart Remote and tap "Stop recording". 


How to add a Home Scene:

Step I: Create a Home Scene using the app

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Smart Remote

  2. Launch the Sevenhugs Smart Remote app and go to the "Home Scenes" tab

  3. Select “Create a Home Scene”

  4. Enter a name for the Home Scene you want to create

  5. If desired, you can change the icon for your Home Scene by tapping the icon next to the name you entered.

  6. Press “Save” and read the information displayed in the app

Step II: Record the Home Scene using Smart Remote

  1. To finish creating your Home Scene, pick up Smart Remote and press the record button on the new Home Scene that appeared in the Scene menu (located on the far left in the carousel). When recording, select each device you want to control in the scene and set the state you desire (e.g. for a smart light, choose color and brightness). Any device that is turned on during recording will become part of that Home Scene.

  2. When you’re done configuring your scene, go back to the Scene menu on the far left of the carousel and press the stop the recording button.

Your scene is now created. Give it a try!

To access your Home Scenes, just navigate to the Scenes menu in the carousel on the far left.

To create a location for your Home Scene list in Point Mode, long press on the Home Scene list in the carousel and follow the on-screen instructions.


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