Do you guys care? Customer that will be returning Remote ASAP due to frustration & poor customer service...

I keep asking the same question over and over again and I don’t get a response. It’s super frustrating I wish you guys would be more straightforward and just answer direct questions. About your direction for the company I just wanted to know about future updates and functions that dont work. If me has a customer is telling u my sensors are not lining up the set up is way too difficult. When I do the IR learning I keep getting an error message saying that something is missing and it doesn’t go through. I wrote in great detail what’s wrong and what issues I’m having and the help need with but yeah I keep getting emails from Ann Sophie totally ignoring everything I’m asking for help with and u guys dont have a customer service number.. I’m sorry if I seem like a pain in the backside but I paid a lot of money for this remote and if I need assistance or if I have some questions i should receive answers.. Not dismissive emails asking if I still need help when I clearly stated I did. But its clear to me now Sevenhugs don’t care about your customers!!! And I will be returning my sevenhugs $327 remote to Bestbuy  and I cant wait to write my review in great detail about the treatment I’ve received from you guys..  SMH

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  • Hi Rich, we are sorry that your first experience with Smart Remote and Sevenhugs customer service has not been the best, and are definitely willing to help you get the most out of your Smart Remote. We had to ask more questions about your setup and the issues you are encountering to make sure we provide the best guidelines and investigate the right things on our side. We'll be happy to continue to help here or via email if you are willing to give Smart Remote another chance. 

  • Yes I’m pretty disappointed and I received your email thank you for answering my questions and telling me to contact Bose so they can help me further with my set up 🤦‍♂️ Is that something you guys should fix that Bose because you are the manufactures of this universal remote not Bose.. And I doubt very much that they’re going to change this set up to accommodate my universal remote working with their sound bar 700. I think you skipped over part of me asking you about the sensors and how I can seem to get them lining up right Super frustrating. And thank you for answering my question about what’s coming I wish you have initially answered my question because I’ve already invested in a Logitech Harmony remote and I will be returning this remote today. In the future I hope you’ll be more direct and straightforward about your answer is an answer to everyIndividual question and not tell customers to go and ask another company to help to set up my remote. 🤦‍♂️ It should be your responsibility as a universal remote company to figure out how to connect Bose Soundbar 700. Not tell your customer to call Bose and try to have them figure out how to help with the setup. most companies are not going to figure help u out how to work a third party functionalities. But great news I have purchased a new remote and it seems to work well with all of my home electronics. They also seem to answer questions directly, and are not telling me to call another company and I don’t have to email them 50 times just to get a response to the questions that are being asked. Like I don’t know who’s in charge in sevenhugs  but you guys definitely have to step up your game.  I don’t know why you guys have lease a Universal remote if it’s not really ready to be released it’s been 2 years since your lease and you still don’t have some of functionalities that you promised in your advertisement. Uber, not even the find remote button works charging on the base works.  Then when I have concerns and I asked Direct questions about these things you guys deflect the question that’s not ok..

    • Rich We are sorry that you experience with Smart Remote did not meet your expectations. Concerning the Bose Soundbar 700, most universal remote controls are only able to learn from another remote control, this is why we recommended to reach out to Bose, to potentially ask them if they have other options for universal remotes with IR learning capacities. 

      We would still love to help with your Room Sensors placement, you mentioned that you had difficulties placing the third Room Sensor because you wanted it to be by the door for Uber functionality. As Uber app is not available yet, have you tried a different location for your Room Sensor in your living room for example so it's in line of sight with the two other ones? If this does not work, please feel free to share with us some picture about your living room and where you places the two first Room Sensors, so we can recommend where to place the third one.

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