Assigning Smart TV App to remote

My new LG TV has a number of applications (ex. Xfinity Streaming) which do not have buttons assigned on the LG remote. Is there a way I can create a button for these applications on the sevenhugs remote?

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  • Hi Rich, you should be able achieve this by utilising custom steps in a TV scene. You can follow this link here for more information.

  • Thanks for the response, but customizing the scene, as far as I can see, does not support recording actions that need to be done using the TV remote’s interaction with the LG applications. I can turn on devices and change inputs, but in my case, I want to turn on the TV, and then chose an application from the LG menu - in this case Xfinity Streaming must be selected with the LG IR device by paging along the menu bar and then selecting the application. 

    • Rich Bromberg 

      Custom steps are under test in our pilot program. (Beta testing)


      This version will be released to public by beginning of next year. (January)


      With custom steps you will be able to customize the start sequence of a tv scene, and add IR keys to send. So you will be able to navigate and choose the application you want.

  • Thanks! I’m looking forward to that release!

    • Rich Bromberg custom steps for TV Scenes are now available. This new feature allows you to customize which commands are sent by Smart Remote when a TV Scene is activated and deactivated. Add delays to allow your device to turn on and off at the right time and in the correct order, or configure additional commands to get the most of your media experience. All from the Sevenhugs App, under the TV Scene settings. Please check our latest release notes for v0.74.21 here and how to add custom steps to a TV Scene here. Please let us know if that helps!

    • Anne-Sophie F. Sadly, the updates still do not provide the functionality I need. I have an LG OLED smart tv. All of the functions to switch to various streaming providers, are found on the TV, not on the remote they provide, so you need to be able to record device clicks to select the function you need. In other words, I need a scene that turns on the TV and the sound bar, and then records what I do to select for example, Xfinity Streaming, CBS Now, HULU, etc. I see no means of doing that with your device.

    • Rich Bromberg do you have specific buttons on your Original remote control for Xfinity Streaming, Hulu, CBS Now, etc.?

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