no devices at all in your database

I recently bought your remote at Best Buy.  Looks and feel great.

Tried to set up, but found it extremely frustrating.  Thinking to return it, but I thought I ask you first to see what I did wrong.

1.      I understand that perhaps not all devices are in your database yet, but most of my devices/AV equipments are only 2 years old (they’re new models on the market), but yet when I tried to add my devices, none is available and I had to go through the manual process of testing the buttons, etc.  in order to add each device.  This is very cumbersome and extremely time consuming.  Am I doing something wrong?  If not, then this is unacceptable when you claim there are 650,000 devices in your database.

2.      After adding some of my devices (manually, not from your database), I tried to set up some scenes or activities, there are no steps for me to change the inputs of my devices so that they can be turned on correctly.   The scenes only turn on the devices and that’s all.  This is ridiculous.  What’s the point of setting the activities or “Scenes” if they can’t be programmed to turn on the devices and changing the inputs correctly to get to what I want ?  The Logitech Harmony Elite does that and much more.

3.      What am I doing wrong here?  I followed the steps call out on your app and the remote, but I can’t achieve what I thought it can do.  Or, that’s the way your remote is.

Please help if I'm doing something wrong or I will be forced to return the product.

Thank you.

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  • Hi  Duke Vu , thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, let me answer your questions:

    1. No worries, you are not doing anything wrong, we have had an issue with our IR database that our team just fixed, you should now be able to add all your devices without having to add then manually.

    2. Concerning AV Scenes, after setting them up via the app, you should be redirected on Smart Remote to finalize the setup, including selecting the inputs you want your devices to be on when activating the scene. Please take a look at this article, "Part II: Record the AV Scene using Smart Remote" and let me know if that helps. 

    3. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or any issues after setting up the right inputs in your Scene on Smart Remote, I'll be happy to help.

    We're sorry for the frustration you had with your first experience setting up Smart Remote because of this issue, and hope that this few explanations will help. 

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  • Hello Anne-Sophie,

    I was able to add most of my devices and able to implement some AV scenes.

    Here are some problems:

    1.  One of my device:  Sony CD player model SCD-CE595 is in your database, however, the app keeps crashing when I tried to add it.  

    2.  One of my device: Yamaha receiver model TSR-7790 is in your database, however, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote doesn't have the input of "Net" for selection of Pandora which I have to custom create which is fine, but when I leave my custom "Listen to Pandora" AV scene and get back in,  it doesn't go back to the right setting which is very frustrating.  Also, the simulated remote control display from Sevenhugs Smart Remote for the Yamaha TSR-7790 is quite insufficient.  There should be another display page for controlling the sound preferences of DSP (for example: Dolby Logic, Roxy Theater, 7-Channels, etc.)

    3.  AV Scenes creation is quite frustrating.  Either it should all be done by the app or the remote control, but Sevenhugs Remote Control made it confusing when it has the user doing some steps on the app and not really informing the user what to do next.  I had to figure out from your email that I had to finish up the steps on the remote.  

    All in all, it was not a pleasant experience at all trying to set up Sevenhugs Smart Remote.

    It's a well built hardware, but you guys have a long way to go with making it easy for the user to set it up.  Unfortunately, I don't have the time or patience to do trial and errors for your company or waiting for you guys to make it better.  I have to return it to get my money back before I can't.  You guys should look and study the Logitech Harmony Elite interface.  That's what I currently have and I was hoping your remote would be better so I can switch, but it's not the case at all.

    Good luck.

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    • Duke Vu 

      We are sorry that you encountered these issues with Smart Remote, your feedback is really important for us and we would have loved to help to fix them. If you still have your Smart Remote and are willing to give it a second try, here are a few answers/questions that would help us fix your issue:

      1. Could you please share with us the Serial Number of your Smart Remote so we can investigate what happened?
      2. For your issue with AV Scenes, our team is currently looking at it. Do you confirm that the first time you activated your scene it goes to the right input, but when you deactivate it and reactivate it again the input selected is not ‘Net’ input?
      3. We understand your feedback about the AV Scene creation and are working on making it easier to create AV Scene for our users.

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  • Sorry, I don't have the remote anymore.  I already returned it to Best Buy.

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      • Sevenhugs
      • Sevenhugs
      • 7 mths ago
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      Duke Vu We're sorry that you experienced some issues with your Smart Remote and that you had to return it. Reviews and feedback we receive are very important to us, we would have loved to help more and we will make sure to investigate more the issue you had so it doesn't happen again. 

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  • Hey sevenhugs, don't you think it was a little damaging to your reputation and more importantly, your market penetration opportunity, to begin selling at Best Buy this early? You are competing against a giant like Logitech Harmony. They've been around the block multiple times.

    Like Duke, I too was expecting a Harmony killer.  Your hardware is pretty great seeming but your software is just....

    You really overpromised and underdelivered here imo. I bought 3 remotes and kinda wish I could return them all.

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      • Bolu OSevenhugs
      • Customer Care
      • Moboluwaji_Okupe
      • 6 mths ago
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      Orrin Bocher Hi Orin, Thank you for your feedback, one good feature about our Smart remote is that even if there are some software issues and needed fixes, just like a Smart phone, this can be done almost instantaneously without the customers having to do much if anything at all except sharing their feedback which we greatly appreciate.

      Also I would just like to add that everything that was promised during the campaign has already or will definitely be delivered, it may just take some time, but rest assured our dev team works round the clock in order to ensure that all necessary services that our Smart Remote can provide will be available. 

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