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Always on home screen with time, weather display or any thing relevant

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  • Hi  Mohan thotakura , thank you for this request!

    Make sure to vote for it, we are taking it into consideration.

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  • Having it stay on one screen would be nice

    • Todd Koch Indeed, we will try to make sure we can Integrate this soon.

  • Any updates to this request? While the remote is on the base station we would love to have it also always on showing the time like it currently does but only for 10 seconds then goes black. 

    • Dave Melnick Hi Dave, not yet but we hope to be able to look into this as soon as we can.

  • Thank you - 


    I am not asking about the weather, i just want the time displayed always when it is plugged in so it can be used as a clock and more appeal to look at.


    I do not think this would be a big lift for the engineering team, as the time already displays for a short period when you plug the remote into the dock, but then the screen turns off. I would think if we could just add an option in the settings on the app to have the time / display ‘always on’ while connected to base station would be what were looking for.

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    • Dave Melnick Yes I do understand the nature of your suggestion and it would indeed be a very convenient feature, I will make sure to give this request as much visibility with the dev team.

    • Bolu O Thank you! It was actually my wife's idea since the remote stands to charge rather than lay flat. We keep the base on the side of our TV counsel so she was like can't they make this always a clock too 😂

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