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Ability to directly add Hue rooms and scenes from the bridge

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  • This is totally required.  I have multiple lights that I control together as one "unit" either in the Hue app or home control.  They are grouped into one room there.  It should be possible to add each of these lights individually (as is currently the case) OR as a room, then be able to control them as such.

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    • Hi Thomas Wildi  thanks a lot for sharing these details. This is definitely something our community is asking for!

  • I agree. It would be really useful to get the Hue Scenes from the bridge. As they are already there and ready for, say, watching a movie on the main TV, it would be nice to be able to just activate them in a Home Scene.

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    • Hi Rampazzi Emiliano ,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback, this is helpful for us.
      Let us know if there is anything else that could improve your experience

  • This is a critical flaw in my opinion, one of the very few serious issues I've found.  Grouping objects like lights means that individual commands are sent for each light, so they're not always synchronized and a dropped command means that one light out of the 20 in my living room stays on sometimes.  If I could add the rooms directly from the Hue bridge, the bridge takes care of syncing the commands and turning all the lights off together

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    • Billy Gallagher exactly my point. Considering that the HUE apis should be quite good (judging from the other apps I know that use them) it shouldn't even be too much of a problem to implement.

    • Hi  Billy Gallagher and Rampazzi Emiliano ,
      Thank you for your feedback. I will share it with the technical team so they can investigate this.
      In the meantime, if you have other ideas on how to improve Smart Remote, please let us know, this is helpful to us.
      Thank you for your patience and your contribution

  • When all your house use hue it's really à mess to recreate all scène... 

    Simply import them from the bridge. 



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    • Breugnot Ludovic we understand your frustration with having to redo a setup that you had already done before with the Hue App. Smart Remote is not able to import directly your Hue configuration right one but our team is currently on Homekit integration that will allow you to import all your Scenes. I hope this will help.

  • Any news ? 

    • Breugnot Ludovic we are investigating this with Hue currently, thanks a lot fr your patience!

  • Hi, I am new to the sevenhugs community.

    1. Are there any updates to this request?

    2. Something needs to change with how scenes function with Philips Hue.  It’s great that the basic Hue integration exists, but the color palette that is currently available on the remote is terrible.  It’s hit or miss if a shade you are looking for exists in the color wheel on the remote.  Also, when I turn on my Philips hue with the remote, it overwrites all of the adjustments that I make in the Philips hue app and goes to whatever color the remote can support.  This is a fundamental problem as it ruins the customization that Philips hue provides.  I could set colors on different lights in a room.  But the moment I go to the room on the remote, it overwrites everything and only allows sevenhugs color palette and brightness.  Essentially rendering Philips hue scenes worthless if you use the sevenhugs remote.

    Is there any additional color adjustments that can be added to the remote?  Specifically can you add a wider range of blues in the color wheel?  Blue is a popular light color, but the shades available are very light and not vibrant.  If you could add a deeper blue that would be awesome!

    • Cory McKeever Hey Cory, this request is still in the works, we will make an update here once we are able to implement it.

      Custom colors are not yet currently available however we are aware of the popularity of this feature as requested by our community so we hope to be able to prioritise this as one of the next integrations we tackle. Your feedback regarding hue will be duly noted.

  • I picked up this remote today and the very first thing I noticed was no room support from hue to remote. That feature to me shouldn’t even need a vote. It should be the standard.  Set the standard!

    • Chad Beliveau thanks a lot for sharing your request, we'll make sure to let you know as soon as we have news on this feature!

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  • Nothing news about scene? 

    • Breugnot Ludovic we do not have news yet on this, we'll make sure to let you know as soon as we do.

    • Anne-Sophie F. It's long time this bug exist... 

  • I was thinking the same thing that this needs to be done. I have found a clunky workaround with webhooks but it puts a major delay on activating the scene. 

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  • Scène always doesn't supported!? 

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