TP-Link Bulbs

Smart Remote’s integration with TP-Link lighting allows you to power on and off your bulbs as well as select the desired colour (TP-Link Color compatible), but it doesn’t end there.

With Smart Remote you can group your lights however you like, allowing you to set the desired colour and intensity of multiple lights to be controlled simultaneously.

Also, create a TV or Home Scene with your lights to correspond with your mood by turning on a number of devices with just a single tap. 


Compatible light models

LB-100, LB-110, LB-120, and LB-130


Compatible software version

Smart Remote v0.57.0




Setting up your lights

  1. Make sure your phone and Smart Remote is connected to the same Wi-Fi 

  2. Make sure both your TP-Link products and Smart Remote are turned on and awake (send a random command to make sure it is awake)

  3. Launch the Sevenhugs Smart Remote app and make sure you are on the Devices & Service tab.

  4. Select “Add a device or service"

  5. Select “Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Devices”

  6. Select "Scan my network"

  7. Select "TP-Link" in the list of devices found and press "Next"

  8. Please select the TP-Link bulb(s) you want to add and press "Next"

  9. Your TP-Link bulb(s) will be added and are now available for control on your Smart Remote

How to group your lights

  1. Make sure your mobile phone and your Smart Remote are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

  2. In the Smart Remote app, go to “Devices & services” tab

  3. Select “Lights” 

  4. Select “ Create a group”

  5. Choose your Group Name

  6. If preferred, change the logo for your Group by clicking on the logo to the left of the Group Name.

  7. Select the lights you want to add to your Group

  8. Press “Save” to add your Light Group to your Smart Remote

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