Control hidden devices that are not in rage of sight?



Can this remote control devices that are connected to TV but not in same room. At my home all of my devices like Cable Box, Xbox, Apple TV and Android TV, Camera DVR are all located in basement in server room. They all are connected to a Pioneer Receiver. Which then sends signal to TV in family room over HDMI which is in wall. 


Currently using Logitech Harmony to control devices in basement from Family room. Really interested in trying out this device. But can it handle devices that are not in range of sight??? As some of them them are controlled by IR.

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  • Hi  Jaswinder Johal thanks a lot for posting here! To better understand your configuration, could you please let us know if your current remote controls only your TV which then control everything in the basement via HDMI or if the remote also controls devices that are in the basement via an IR repeater.

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  • Hi,

    I have TV in my living room. I have Harmony remote that has IR emitter. Also has another hub that goes with it. When I click on activity like watch TV, two things happen:

    1) Harmony remote uses IR on remote to turn on TV

    2) It also sends commands to harmony hub in basement to turn on apple tv, turn on receiver and change input on receiver.

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    • Jaswinder Johal thanks a lot! Is you Harmony Hub in the TV Room or in the basement?

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    • Anne-Sophie F. Only remote is in the TV room. Hub for Harmony is in Basement. That's how it controls devices that are not in line of sight. So hub does work behind the scene for devices that are not in room.

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    • Jaswinder Johal thanks a lot for these precisions. Smart Remote doesn't include a hub like the Logitech Harmony, so it won't work as it is with your setup. If you find a wireless long-range IR repeater online it will definitely help but it won't be optimal and we can't guaranty it will work perfectly with your setup. I hope this helps, please let us know if you have any additional question.

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