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Control your Apple TV via Bluetooth (BLE), trackpad and keyboard

Apple TV models 4th generation and later can now be controlled via Bluetooth (BLE), which offers a better control experience and two great new features. The all-new trackpad feature makes it incredibly easy to browse and navigate (just like the trackpad on the Apple TV remote). You can also enjoy using a nifty new keyboard for searching (yes, you can finally say goodbye to spelling things out letter by letter on your TV screen). Check out the video below see these new features in action.


Compatible models 

4th generation and later

Compatible software versions

Smart Remote v0.66.9 (see release note) or later

Smart Remote App 1.2.9 or later

Android App 1.4.5 or later


How to set it up

Before starting please make sure:

  • Your Apple TV is 4th generation and later. (If not, please add it via infrared and make sure to unpair your current Apple TV remote)
  • Your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Smart Remote
  • Both your BLE devices and Smart Remote are awake (send a random command to make sure it is awake)
  • If you already have Apple TV added as an IR device, please remove it using Smart Remote App

To add Apple TV via BLE:

  1. Select “Add a device or service" and “Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Devices”

  2. Select "Scan my network"

  3. Select "Apple TV" in the list of devices found and press "Next"

  4. Your Apple TV will be added on Smart Remote

  5. The connection and pairing have then to be triggered via Apple TV, please make sure:

    1. AirPlay Feature is enabled on your Apple TV

    2. Both your Apple TV and Smart Remote are woken up before continuing to next steps.

  6. On your Apple TV, go to Settings and select "Remote & devices"

  7. Select "Bluetooth"

  8. Select the Smart Remote you want to connect with (it may take up to 2 minutes for your Apple Tv to find Smart Remote - if your Apple TV is connected via ethernet and doesn't find Smart Remote please try again after reconfiguring your Apple TV via Wi-Fi)

  9. Select "Pair"

Important notes

  • If you want the volume controls on your Apple TV interface to control the sound of your TV, you will need to create an AV Scene .
  • To use the keyboard on Smart Remote to type into the search bar on your Apple TV, you need to tap the keyboard button on your Smart Remote interface for Apple TV. 
  • Apple makes notifications mandatory for connection state of a paired device. These notifications will disappear in a future version of Smart Remote software.
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