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I’m a bit disappointed with the capabilities of the TV scenes. I recently purchased a new “smart” TV, along with a soundbar and new blue-ray player. The LG TV remote is sort of universal, but lacking some integrations. The salesperson at Best Buy described how they could just press one button start the TV, soundbar and any of the apps on the TV. The Scenes unfortunately, do not support that. For example, what I would like to do is create a scene that turns on the soundbar with a certain setting, and jumps to say, a streaming input like Disney +. Since the streaming apps are not inputs, I do not see how that can be done. Am I missing something?

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  • Hi Rich Bromberg TV Scene can for now turn on your devices and switch the right setting. But we have a new feature coming soon (in beta tests for now) that should help with this: custom steps for TV Scenes.

    • Anne-Sophie F. Thanks. I’ll look forward to the new feature since it does not appear that I can get what I want to do at the moment 😕

    • Rich Bromberg sure we'll keep you updated!

    • Rich Bromberg custom steps for TV Scenes are now available. This new feature allows you to customize which commands are sent by Smart Remote when a TV Scene is activated and deactivated. Add delays to allow your device to turn on and off at the right time and in the correct order, or configure additional commands to get the most of your media experience. All from the Sevenhugs App, under the TV Scene settings. Please check our latest release notes for v0.74.21 here and how to add custom steps to a TV Scene here.

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