Perform a factory reset of your Room Senors

You will have to set Room Sensors back to factory firmware only in the case Room Sensors are not responding anymore (Room Sensors unreachable) and hardware reset has not resolved the issue.

  1. Remove the Room Sensor from it’s velcro mount

  2. Open the battery compartment by twisting the rear cover in the direction of the unlock symbol

  3. Beneath the cover near battery compartment there is a small hole labeled reset. Take a pencil or paper clip and press and hold the button inside the hole for 10s

  4. Room Sensor LED will turn blue for 1s

  5. Close your Room Sensor by aligning the rear cover and twisting in the direction of the lock symbol

  6. Reattach your wall sensor to the Velcro Mount

After a Room Sensor factory reset you will have to reset Point Mode calibration .

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