Hello, what about air conditioner split with IR ?


i thank it was possible to pilot IR devices like aircons, IR lights..

isn’t it the case? 

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  • HVAC/Aircon support would be an awesome addition to the first true Smart home remote

  • Ruben Raadsheer gil Calmon  Airconditioning systems, as well as IR lights, don't have an interface available yet on Smart Remote.

    Please feel free to vote for it here and follow it to get notified as soon as it's available.

    What you can do as a workaround is add any device on your Smart Remote, then you could rename it and add customized buttons via IR learning thanks to our device screen layout customization feature . I know this is a pretty complex workaround, but wanted to share in case you want to give it a try.

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    • Anne-Sophie F. Thanks for your reply! Sadly I cannot use customization on my Pixel 2 (Android) yet. Also customization for Wifi-devices would be great!

    • Ruben Raadsheer Thanks for this feedback, custom UI is coming soon on Android, please stay stunned on our announcement page! 

      • gil Calmon
      • gil_Calmon
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      Anne-Sophie F. 

      hello, thanks a lit for tour answer.

      i tried thé work around but unfortunately the remote don’t learn IR code of aircon remote correctly, even for on/off action. i think information sent by aircon remote is more complex than  audio/video devices because it sent each time an information package including temperature, fan speed, mode, etc...

      did not try with light yet 

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    • Hi gil Calmon , thanks for your feedback! I will share it with our engineering team so they can investigate.
      Let us know how it goes for your lights once you have a chance to test

    • Alex T Hi, I was able to get my generic LED backlights to work with this method.  I just picked the first Blu-Ray player that came up, then I deleted all the standard buttons and added new buttons that mapped to the remote control for the lights.  Next I learned each button.  This was tedious, but it did work very well.  The only caveat is that I can't include the new lights in an AV scene (at least I couldn't figure out how to).  This seems to be because any lights you add are assumed to be WiFi, and those can only be added as a home scene.  To add lighting to an AV scene, you have to have already added lights to a home scene.  Since my lights are IR, I couldn't add them to a home scene and there's no place to add them to an AV scene.  So if you want to control your IR lights, it can be done.  But you can't add them to a scene.

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    • Hi Scott Benes ,
      Thanks a lot for the update! I know how tedious it was to add your lights with this workaround, so thank you for doing it anyway. I also understand that it's annoying to not be able to add those lights to your scene now. Our designers are currently working on improving the Scenes feature so I just shared your feedback with them. I will keep you posted as soon as I can share more information about a potential solution. 
      Thank you for your patience

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    • Scott Benes 

      hi Scott, tks a lot it’s fully works! i’d just like to change dvd logo by something more understanding for lights, but it do the job!

    • Alex T must say that comparing to Harmony IR learning process, the Smart Remote was a breeze. Even aif the process is not straight forward, it took me no more than 5 min to get my electric fireplace added, as opposed to two days with Harmony. Great job! Now off to try to create my first TV scene to turn on TV+Fireplace+set Sonos volume and adjust Hue lights >> this part doesn't seem as easy as Harmony but have had my remote for a day :-) Looking forward to IFTTT and other smart home integrations. 

  • Yes, it is possible so when I try to do that I did not succeed so I called the ac maintenance dubai for fixing it and now I can use it and controlling the ac.

  • Yes, it is possible so when I try to do that I did not succeed so I called the ac maintenance dubai for fixing it and now I can use it and controlling the ac.

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