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Better battery

The battery life of the Sevenhugs remote is woefully inadequate - my remote has died with minimal use while sitting on the coffee for a mere 9 hrs.

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  • Hello Scott,

    Rest assured, we will be looking into this issue as soon as we can. We will work on this for future versions.

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  • that's an understatement.  mine basically dies after taking it off the charger.  It also needs to reset the positioning ability.  it's a nice looking paperweight as far as I can tell :(

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    • dan koralek I have found that my remote offen does not recharge when placed on the charger.  Seems it is temperamental about how it is seated on the charger - sensitive enough I view it as a design flaw.  That said the battery life is unacceptably short - a definite design flaw.  In general the more I use the remote the more frustrated I become; while I do not view it as a brick, I would not recommend it without major changes.  

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    • Scott Mandeville Yeah, I find that it is hard to get it in the right position to charge, but I will have it charge correctly, I'll take it, recalibrate the positioning routine, turn a couple of things on or off and then put it down on my coffee table.  next morning, it is completely dead.  Put it on charger, rinse, rinse, repeat.  :(. 

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    • Hi  Scott Mandeville  , dan koralek ,
      We hear and understand your frustration regarding the battery life. This is definitely something we need to improve, and one of our highest priorities. Can you please tell me what duration would you find acceptable?
      Also, I would like to make sure you don't have a problem with your Charging Base, as you said your remote doesn't charge correctly. Is it recent or it has always been like that? Does it charge correctly with a USB-C cable?
      Thanks for your patience and your contribution

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    • Alex T it doesn't sit on the base very easily (i.e., it slides on without much problem, but says something like "this won't charge correctly if it's not placed correctly on the charging base". keeps doing that until you jiggle it enough ways to get it to connect correctly.  I'd expect that if the device is sitting idly on my coffee table it should maintain a charge for days (if not well over a week), certainly my old Logitech harmony could do that.  This seems to not last overnight on the coffee table.  The point mode resets itself each time the battery runs down, which again makes that feature pointless.  if this is a "normal" expectation...  I honestly don't even bother to use the remote at all.  the upshot is it looks nice, but for me completely non functional.  It was a nice concept in theory, but clearly not ready for prime time and going to fall behind as voice control tase over.  sorry.  wish I hadn't spent the money in retrospect. 

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    • Alex T Alex, quite honestly the remote is, at this point, an expensive brick.  I have sent 2 emails to the Sevenhugs team about my issue.  My remote reset, lost everything and now will not go download any “experiences”.  I have reset everything numerous times and am about to throw away the remote and forget about Sevenhugs, but sending this note for one last attempt for a response.  

      I imcluded 2 images.  When loading the experiences the process never completes and I get an error message. The remote and my iPhone are on the same network so that is not the problem. 

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  • Absolutely need to sort this out. The remote dies after a few hours of simply being left on a table... perhaps it is not truly going to “sleep” properly? Makes it a pretty useless device as I still have to keep all the other remotes accessible in case it dies...

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  • With a full charge my remote barely lasts two evenings, minimal usage.  It charges just fine for me (sorry others), but it depletes super fast for how little it does.

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  • Agree that the charging system is a design matter - the size, shape and weight of the remote adds to the issue, but the charging design itself is problematic.  Why an inductive charging system wasn’t utilized is unknown (probably cost) or at least one with contact points and a cradle that makes it difficult to seat the remote improperly nearly impossible would have been a better option.  That said, the battery seems to have a short life; I have taken my remote off the base and the battery icon shows the battery is fully charged and a mere few hours later the battery icon reflects it is nearly dead - my remote has actually died a few times after only a couple hours of use. 

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  • Scott Mandeville we sent you an email for the exchange of your Smart Remote. We think your battery has an issue.

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    • Pierre Anzil Have not seen any email on this as of yet. 

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  • Scott Mandeville I just reply to you.

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  • Same problem here. Battery life is really an issue. Like said before, we does not expect that the battery drains so fast when the remote is not used ...

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    • Jean Traullé Exactly.  Not necessarily expecting a lot of battery life if it is used frequently, but it shouldn't drain so rapidly just sitting on the coffee table doing nothing...

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    • dan koralek Hi, I would just like to add that this is something that we are currently working on and hope to have an improvement on the battery life during future updates. Thank you all for your feedback and support.

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    • Bolu O honestly I don’t bother to even try using the remote because the battery life is beyond need improvement. When I used to use my harmony it lasted weeks with moderate usage. This doesn’t last a Day with barely any usage. I’m beyond disapointrd in this product. 

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  • Is there any update on this?  Does anyone actually have any success using their remote without charging it constantly??

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    • dan koralek No change for me ;)

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    • Jean Traullé 😔 

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      • Bolu OSevenhugs
      • Customer Care
      • Moboluwaji_Okupe
      • 7 days ago
      • Reported - view

      dan koralek We are still undergoing some testing and troubleshooting for this, please stay tuned as we hope to very soon implement a solution. Thank you for your patience.

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