When will spare parts be available?

I need a new charging base.  My dog knocked my charging base and remote to the floor and bent the charging spike.  It still works but I am afraid the damage will cause premature failure.  I would like to purchase replacement charging base.  Don't need the power cable, just the base.

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  • Robert Ghali Graham Clark spare parts are now available, please contact us at support@sevenhugs.com

  • Hi Murray Thibodeaux
    Thank you for reaching out. We have sent you an email to start the exchange process.

    • Murray Thibodeaux I'm moving your post to the "Report a possible issue" thread.

  • I too need a new charging base. Thank you.

  • Me too. I got mine years ago as an early supporter and just moved to a house where I can use them ( I bought 2). I tripped over the wire, shattered the glass and now base won't charge and is too warm to safely plugin and it wont allow setup of point mode now anyway. I can still use the remote with broken glass by putting tape on it, but can't use point mode without working base. I recommend anyone here not use the base, I kept my other one charging off an amazon usbc cable so its not so precarious, and on that note why the can't I use the remote while it's charging?

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  • The mini USB on the base kept bending due to the large force the remote places on it. It finally broke and I ordered a new base ($50 + tax). Confirmation email received on 5/26, but still has not shipped. 

    Is there a design update on the base to prevent such a large moment arm on the mini USB connection? And what is the time period between ordering a new base and it being shipped?

    • CARLOS A RAMIREZ your Charging Base will be shipped at the end of next week, please excuse the delay.

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