Discontinuation of Smart Remote, Smart Remote X and Smart Remote U.

We made the difficult decision to discontinue Smart Remote products on May 31st 2021. Sevenhugs is no longer selling and manufacturing Smart Remote products.

Smart Remote will continue functioning normally and we will continue to support our existing customers for a period of 12 months until June 1st 2022.

More information can be found on this FAQ

The Smart Remote Support Team

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  • As a recent purchaser, this is a particularly disturbing treatment of customers. We should have had decent advance warning. The least the company could do is refund customers who purchased within a best practices time frame. I bought a device-I didn't rent it for a short period of time.

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  • I saw clearly after your redemption. Now that it's done, out of respect for the community, can you offer a local hosting solution so that we can manage ourselves our equipment purchased at more than 150 €?

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  • Ed McLuskie

    I am happy to help. 

     We value your honest opinion and understand how frustrating this is. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

    While we do not plan to develop any more features for the Smart Remote, we will continue to provide customer support until June 2022 and honor all warranties. 


    With regards to a refund. We recommend you contact the retailer where you purchased your Smart Remote. We are currently reviewing our options and will follow up with you if a refund program is created. 


    Thank you again for contacting us. 

    • Sevenhugs I suggest you make this a priority.

      To prevent the device from working, just because you no longer manufacture and sell is rediculous and unacceptable.

      Some, like me, will have funded this project on Kickstarter and so you are the direct source of supply. Whether purchased from you, a retailer or other, you should continue to support the product or allow it to continue to function.

      If you do not offer an option for lifetime use of the product you should refund customers and backers.

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  • I can understand the market situation and that it is beyond your control. But, from my point of view (and others), I just can't accept to have a brick next to my sofa only a couple of years after buying it, especially if it's still perfectly in good condition ! So I'd like to suggest something to mitigate the disruption for all of us. Is there any chance that you can provide a server software that we can host at home? We are in 2021, and let's be honest, we can't afford to buy disposable hardware anymore, even my cell phone has more life ( As a Kickstarter investor, I received my remote in December 2018, just over 2 years ago ) The battery will probably die at some point, but likewise, is it possible to change the firmware so that the remote works on the USB adapter without the battery ? Is opensource possible too? 
    I'm sure there are better solutions than just saying "guys, this is the life and we don't plan to develop any more features". None of your customers planned to buy something to waste at some point in the future.
    Thank you.

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  • Retailers, I'm sure you know, are not responsible for refunds beyond limited periods (15-30 days), nor for requests beyond warranty expiration dates, which your announcement of discontinuation effectively attempted to void even for the most recent third-party purchasers. I bought mine at BestBuy, and it would be unfair and a waste of time to ask BestBuy for a refund. Your company should be providing that refund. I take your message to contact the seller to be disingenuous. Such a great product and such dismissive customer service despite the (boilerplate?) language in which the latter is couched.

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  • Such a shame if this becomes a dead brick when/if people are willing to spend time keeping it alive without you creators. As others have pointed out, Im understanding about the market situation - but such a short lifespan of a really expensive piece of hardware is a major disappointment.

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  • This is no way to treat your customers. We all love the remote and to but such a great remote to only own a brick is no way to handle business. Either you the company refund us, make the remote work forever or we all team up for a class action…

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  • In light of the announcement of the Smart Remote’s discontinuation, we are exploring ways to address the concerns of customers who have been impacted. Our team is working to provide you with the quickest possible resolution. 

    We appreciate your patience, and our customer service team will be in touch soon.

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    • Sevenhugs Maybe a partnership with simular companies could be an option? Savant for instance? https://www.savant.com/ or Homey? https://homey.app/en-us/

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    • Bart van Vreedendaal  Thank you!  We are still looking at our options. Have a great weekend.

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    • Sevenhugs are we getting a refund? Stores will no longer take returns. I spent a lot of money on this statue I now own and can’t get a response from any support. 

  • The remote itself works perfect here, we use it to control the Hue lights, Sonos and the home cinema projector.  Please find a solution so it will keep working like it is after June 1st next year.

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  • Dear Sevenhugs Team, I am a Kickstarter backer and I love my Sevenhugs Remote. I use it for practically every device in my living room (TV, DVD player, Apple TV, all of my Philips Hue Lamps, etc.). Thank you for all your good work till now.

    If possible, please find a solution so we can still use this wonderful remote even after June 2022… I am sure a lot of us users would be delighted and thankful for all your efforts! Please don’t leave us hanging ;) 

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    • Simona Kelber If we have any new details you will see them on our website.  Cheers!

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  • Should we get a mega thread going here so we have a resource to discuss the alternatives to Harmony now that Logitech decided to discontinue the line?

    I’m happy to use and update this post with the relevant details we find to make it an easy resource.

    Alternatives Discussed So far: (as of 11-Apr-2021)


    AARP Medicare

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  • As another Kickstarted backer I’m also very unhappy with this announcement. My Remote works perfectly and so please find a solution to keep the product active. Maybe for example hosting the server side on an open source solution so that our community  can continue to support the solution moving forward. Thanks!

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