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Netatmo weather station

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  • Aymerik Moureau Can you share a bit more about how you envision Smart Remote working with this device? 

  • Hi Frank , I was maybe thinking about something similar to the weather service as pictured in the ad video (while pointing to the window). With the weather station, you have a base module, an external module, and optional interior ones.

    Assuming the base module is in the living room (as is the smart remote), the external in the garden, and 3 other modules in 3 rooms. One could imagine the following configuration:

    - pointing to living room window #1 gets you the weather (as in the ad) ; to #2 gets you info from the external module

    - pointing to the stove/fireplace gives the living room infos (base module)

    - pointing to the rooms gets you the info from the room

    TBH I haven't walked thru entirely how could this be fully & seamlessly integrated...

    Thanks for considering this device !


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    • Aymerik Thank you for sharing this additional context. This will help us as understand what you are looking for as we continue to support more devices and services with Smart Remote. Please keep these requests coming. 

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