New firmware release (09/26/2019) - Let’s play with Webhooks!


Today we released a software update for Smart Remote featuring a new Webhooks integration along with some other minor improvements and bug fixes. Now using Webhooks, Smart Remote can control even more devices and services. Click to LEARN HOW.


New features


  • For new users, all accounts will be now configured and devices will be discovered at first setup 

  • Several bug fixes

Please make sure your Smart Remote and Smart Remote App are up to date. 

  • Smart Remote Firmware v0.72.13

  • iOS Smart Remote App 1.8.4* (available on App Store)

  • Android App 1.10.3 (available on Google Play)

  • Room Sensor Firmware remains the same v0.16.7


  1. Update your Smart Remote app to the latest version (iOS and Android)

  2. Make sure your Smart Remote firmware has been automatically updated to v0.72.13. If you need help with this, please go here.



*beta versions of iOS have not completed tests

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  • Thank you! excited to test it!😀

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  • It looks like super cool! Can't wait to test. 

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    • Arnaud D. please share any feedback you have about it and how ou were able to use it!

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      • Arnaud D.
      • apollonaute
      • 3 wk ago
      • Reported - view

      Anne-Sophie F. I will

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    • Anne-Sophie F. It works.
      A bit slow, although I am not sure of the reason but it works.
      I have tried it with a smart plug (on/off)

      Keep up the good work

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  • First tests everything works very well with both possibilities, and the order is done in less than a second! It's easy to create http triggers.

    The only problem is that it's not possible to rename "webhooks" so there are an infinite number of identical tabs in the carousel and if it was possible in a next update to add an icon of your choice to more easily identify triggers.

    But it's a very nice step forward! Thanks!

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    • LAFORGE Emilien 

      Hello Emilien,

      We are very pleased to hear that this new Integration is working perfectly for you.


      Your remark about the name is important, and we are planning to make webhooks customizable in a future release.


      For your information, you can add multiple triggers in the same webhooks service, and you will have a list with different names instead of multiple carousel devices. To do that please select the webhooks service in the device list, and add a new trigger.


      Also please note, that in the next release you will be able to add the webhooks to a home scene, to ease multiple webhooks trigger with the same button.


      Hope you will find these feature enjoyable.

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    • Saad Z (Sevenhugs) 


      I saw that we could add several triggers in the same webhooks, but in automation it is more pleasant to classify the devices by rooms or types (lights, roller shutters...). Perhaps it would be nice to be able to add separators in order to visually create "groups" in the same tab!

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    • LAFORGE Emilien 

      What about menus and sub-menus? something like what you can see in the settings?

      Don't hesitate to share any idea you think it can help us make your experience greater!

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    • Saad Z (Sevenhugs) 

      Why not! Like settings menu is a good idea!

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    • Saad Z (Sevenhugs) Looking forward to the ability to use webhooks in scene :)

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  • Is this for all remotes?

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    • Doug Rathell sure this is available for all users of Smart Remote

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    • Anne-Sophie F. I’m not seeing any update. How do I reset the remote again?

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    • Doug Rathell Here is how to do restart your Smart Remote. If it doesn't help please contact us with the Serial Number of your Smart Remote to support@sevenhugs.com so we can help.

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    • Anne-Sophie F. just sent an email. 

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    • Doug Rathell thanks a lot, we'll look at it and will let you know!

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  • I have tested this out and it works really well.

    I have it sending messages to node-red in my home automation system, so now the sky is the limit for me. I don't even need IFTTT to control my devices.

    I second the call to change the names from Webhooks to something more meaningful and also the icons.

    Also, would there be any way that it could also be able to get back a status like ON/OFF or something like that so it can show the most recent value/status of what it is controlling? That would make this feature even more awesome.

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    • John Bullivant thanks a lot for sharing how you use this feature, we are glad that this works well for you!

      Changing names and icons for Webhooks is definitely something we want to implement, we'll let you know as soon as we have news on this. 

      Concerning getting the status this is definitely something we are going to look at. Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback, this is precious for us!

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