I Can't Connect hugOne to My Router

If you tried to connect your hugOne to the Internet but the pairing failed, you can first check our dedicated FAQ: I could Not Connect my hugOne to the WiFi.

If your hugOne still cannot connect to the Internet and is not glowing light blue, check the following points on your router:

  • If your router's 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks are both activated and have the same name, some of your devices can experience connection stability issues. Rename your 5GHz network or deactivate it to solve this issue (hugOne only works with 2.4GHz).

  • If IPv6 is activated on your router, try again after deactivating it.

Your router or router’s MAC filtering can also be responsible for this issue. You have two possible options to solve this:
  • Option 1: Add your hugOne’s MAC address. You will find it on the packaging.
  • Option 2: You can also deactivate MAC filtering.  MAC filtering gives you the ability to allow or refuse the Wi-Fi connection between a specific device and your router in order to protect your network from being misused.
    • Verify that you are connected to a home network(hugOne does not work with Wi-Fi hot-spots).
    • Check the encryption mode used by your Wi-Fi network.
      • The recommended encryption mode is WPA2(AES).
      • If your network uses WEP, please note that a hexadecimal key will not work.
If you still cannot connect hugOne to your Wi-Fi network, do not hesitate to contact the support team. If you can provide details about your network setup (router, Wi-Fi security) this will be most helpful. 
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