How to Use hugOne with the IFTTT Service

Want to automate certain tasks based on events detected by your hugOne? It's possible!

From the hugOne channel on the IFTTT website, the "If This Then That" web service, you can now transform "events" that hugOne can detect into "triggers" that prompt the execution of preset actions.

For example, you can create a "Family awake" event, which posts a tweet when hugOne detects that all users are awake, and a "Family asleep" event, which posts a tweet when when all users are asleep.

NOTE: since Sleep Sensors (formerly known as minihugs) shut off communications as soon as a someone lies in bed in order to limit exposure to radio waves, the "Family awake" event is defined as the moment when at least one user gets out of bed, and the "Family asleep" event is defined as the moment when all users are lying in bed.

To learn more about how hugOne works with IFTTT, read this blog post.

To start making your own IFTTT events today, visit

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