I Can't Connect My hugOne to the Wi-Fi

If you are having problems connecting hugOne to your Wi-Fi network, the following steps should help you solve the issue:

  1. Make sure your smartphone or tablet’s Wi-Fi is activated and your device is connected to the Internet.

  2. Press hugOne’s top button for at least 5 seconds until its base station turns yellow. Release the button. The base station should now blink yellow.

  3. Leave the Sevenhugs app and make sure that it is not running in the background:

    On iOS mobile devices, press your iPhone’s Home button twice, look for the Sevenhugs app and swipe it up.

    On Android mobile devices, press the dedicated button (most recent versions), or make a long press on the Home button (older versions).

  4. Launch the app and go to the Settings menu, choose « hugOne configuration » and then « Configure Wi—Fi ».

  5. Go directly to the device selection screen (you don't have to press hugOne’s top button again). Your hugOne should appear in the list after a few seconds. Select it.

  6. Connect to your Wi-Fi network: 

    On iOS mobile devices,  the next screen informs you that your hugOne will be set to access a particular Wi-Fi network. Check that this network is the right one and press « Next », and then press « Finish ».

    On Android mobile devices, after choosing hugOne from the list that appears with the mac address, a pop-up displays, showing which Wi-Fi network hugOne is about to connect to, check the Wi-Fi network, then type the password for this Wi-Fi network, and click « ok ». The screen with the blinking hugOne appears, followed by « Congratulations ».

  7. The setup process is complete when the hugOne base station stops blinking. Click « Finish » on your app. The last screen should display the following text: « Great! Your hugOne is now configured ».

If you still cannot connect hugOne to your Wi-Fi network, please contact our support team. 

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