How Do I Contact Sevenhugs? (Questions / Problems / Issues)

For any question or issue, please look through our Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) first. We've covered many topics and you should be able to quickly find the answer/solution you are looking for.

If you experience technical issues with your hugOne or your Sleep Sensors (aka minihugs) and have not found the right answer to it in our FAQs, you can contact us directly by creating a support « Ticket » directly in the app.

To do so, open the Sevenhugs app and go to the Settings menu. Choose « Contact us » to create the ticket.

To help us provide you with the best answer, please send us the following details when possible:

  • Name of your Internet Provider,

  • Do you use a Wi-Fi repeater? If so, please indicate the brand.

  • Is IPv6 activated on your router?

  • Is the MAC filtering activated on your router?

    For any non-technical matters, you can reach us at Don't hesitate to send us your comments, questions, and suggestions. We love feedback, as it helps us improve the Sevenhugs experience.

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