How to Use Bed Strips

Included with your hugOne, Bed Strips are used to amplify a child's movement in bed. For children who weigh less than adults, Bed Strips can help improve the accuracy of the Sleep Sensors (aka Minihugs).

If your child is 13 years old or younger and is sleeping on a foam mattress, the Sevenhugs app will automatically suggest that you place the strip in his or her bed when setting up the Sleep Sensor (this requires you to first add your child’s profile to the family account).

Additionally, if you or another adult family member notice irregular sleep tracking results, which sometimes happen when sleeping on a memory foam mattress, you can also install the strip on your mattress to increase the Sleep Sensor's accuracy.

Follow these simple steps to start using your Bed Strip today:

  1. Add your child or family member to your account and activate his or her Sleep Sensor if you haven't already done so.
  2. Unwrap the Bed Strip.

  3. Snap your assigned Sleep Sensor into the Bed Strip.

  4. Peel off the adhesive cover and stick the Bed Strip onto the top corner of your family member's bed, under the sheets. 

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