Why Does It Look Like hugOne's Data Hasn't Been Synced?

The hugOne base and the Sleep Sensors (aka Minihugs) gather your sleep and indoor environment data following specific rules that can sometimes make it look as if your devices are not synchronized. Here are some common reason's why your data may not look synced yet:


Air quality levels are synced every 5 minutes

Let’s say that you want to check the data gathered by your hugOne system at 8:29 AM. Knowing that air quality data is measured every 5 minutes, the latest report could be at 8:25 AM.


Temperature and humidity levels are synced every hour

You could also notice that the latest temperature reading, tracked by your Sleep Sensor, dates back to 7:55 AM. Once again, everything is normal here since the temperature and humidity level data are synced every hour (or less if the values have changed significantly).


It takes a few minutes to update last night's sleep data

Finally, imagine that your child has just left their bed but the latest Sleep Sensor data dates back to yesterday night. No worries here: it takes a few minutes for the Sleep Sensor to turn on transmissions after a member has left their bed in the morning and for the app to display last night's data.

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