When I Wake up, I Can't Find My Night's Data in the App

In default mode, Sleep Sensors (aka Minihugs) shut off their electronic transmissions as soon as you are in bed to avoid useless exposure to radio waves in the bedroom.

The Sleep Sensors will record your data but will not send the data to hugOne until the morning, when the sensors have detected that you are out of bed. Your data is then made available in the app within a few hours.

Consequently, if you try to view the data in the app while still in bed, you will notice a blank space in your graphs.

If you wish to receive data (temperature and humidity levels) all throughout the day and night, you can deactivate the sleep tracking mode in the "Settings" menu by choosing "Members" and "Sleep Sensors," and then clicking on your avatar.

NOTE: by deactivating the sleep tracking mode you will no longer get sleep data and the Sleep Sensors will keep on emitting radio waves through the night.


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