Will I Be Able To Group Several Lights Or Devices To Control Them All At Once?

Yes you will! We've built different features that will allow you to build your own experience at home:

  • Group lights: You have the ability using the App to group your lights together, then Smart Remote lets you turn on/off, dim or change the color of multiple lights—all at once. When you point at one of the grouped lights, the carousel on the Smart Remote let you either control the group of light all at once, or you can also select to control only the individual light you are pointing at.
  • Scenes: With Scenes, you can control multiple devices and get access to multiple services simultaneously with a single touch. For example, you can create a scene for « Watch TV » that will turn on your TV, media player and dim you lights all at once. Use the app to create a new scene, then you can record all commands you would like to be sent in one touch.
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