Why Do I Need Smart Remote When Mobile Apps Can Already Control Smart Devices?

We do love our smartphones! They let us do so many things... Still, they are cumbersome for controling your TV and smart devices. Just to turn on a light, you need to unlock your phone, find the app, launch it, wait until it is launched, select the device you want to control, and then control it. That's at least 5 steps and 10s wasted just to turn on your light! Furthermore all modern TVs can be controlled by an App but everyone still use the TV remote because it is faster.

App overlaod is another problem. The more devices you have, the more frustrating it becomes with a Smartphone, switching from App to App. Furthermore, everyone in the home needs a Smartphone and all the Apps need to be installed and configured on same account...

Smart Remote allows anyone in the home to intuitively and **instantly** control TV, A/V equipment and all smart devices. Sorry you can’t do this with your Smartphone yet...

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