• New firmware release (05/14/2019) - Improved battery life and performance

    Hi everyone, The past few months our team has been working around the clock to improve your experience with Smart

  • This is one of the most disappointing products I’ve kickstarted.

    I.dont.use it. I haven’t even setup the sensors for motion tracking. What’s the point when the only device I have that

  • Produit très décevant

    Bonjour à tous, J'écris ce post car je suis très déçu de ma télécommande Smart Remote. Tout d'abord,

  • Connecting an IR controlled HDMI switch

    I'm trying to connect my Smart Remote to a Phillips brand SWV9484B /27 four input HDMI switch and am having no luck.

  • Issue connecting Sonos

    Please help. I've tried everything from disconnecting all but one speaker. Doing a full reset,

  • App won't let me finish setting up. Very sad.

    I can't complete the set up process where I'm able to add devices. I'm able to connect the remote to my wifi,

  • Apple TV Keyboard Pop on TV every time?

    I get a keyboard connected / disconnected message on my TV every time I go to use the remote with my Apple TV.

  • Calibrate everyday

    Everyday when i want to use the remote i have to make the 8 figure and then i have to point at the 3 sensors.

  • Projector OFF button is different than the ON button

    Hello all I'm using a projector (Espon brand) at home and as there are 2 different buttons, 1 for ON and 1 different

  • Battery

    The battery life on my remote is so laughable bad. Even if it’s unused, it dies overnight. If I’m using it throughout

  • Missing HDMI 1 on Panasonic TH65FZ1000

    When I create a TV scene which involves my TV (Panasonic TH65FZ1000), HDMI 1 is missing as an input source.

  • Time Issue

    Not a major issue, but the remote is showing the wrong time. Is there a setting to set the time or timezone?

  • Smart Remote: IR, WiFi and/or Bluetooth?

    I'm new here and have been curious about how my new Smart Remote communicates with my devices:

  • Touch Screen layout and sensitivity area suggestions

    Love the remote; I have no doubt it is insanely difficult to manage so many potential issues and devices.

  • Finite Elemente

    error code: 2040700

  • Adding Kodi doesn't work (Error 2103513)

    I'm running Kodi Leia 18.1, control over HTTP and uPNP (or whatever its called) are both enabled according to the FAQ

  • Linn Majik DSM

    There are three code sets for the Linn Majik, but none of them have codes for the full set of inputs on the Majik DSM.

  • App cannot find remote

    Hello, Firstly, what an impressive looking product! Nicely packaged and very smart design. Unfortunately the app cannot

  • AV Scene Changes

    When changing from one A/V Scene to another which requires and input change on the TV, (Direct TV cable box Apple TV)

  • TV channel logo graphics

    On the Sevenhugs home page, there's a section that shows an image of about a dozen Smart Remotes all with different

  • Hello, what about air conditioner split with IR ?

    hello, i thank it was possible to pilot IR devices like aircons, IR lights.. isn’t it the case?

  • why cant i turn on/off equipment?

    There are no power buttons? I tried to add a custom button and that did not work. Still have to pull out my remotes to

  • Bouygues Telecom set-top box device cannot be added

    Hello, i am trying to add a set-top box device via the app. i select the infrared devices category,

  • Can’t control Apple TV - light blinks 3 times

    I can’t use Smart Remote to control my Apple TV 4 (Model A1842). After adding the Applt TV as a new device,

  • iOS app - Account empty

    I updated my iOS app today and notice that my Accounts page in the app is blank. Is that expected?

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