• TV channel logo graphics

    On the Sevenhugs home page, there's a section that shows an image of about a dozen Smart Remotes all with different

  • Smart Remote SDK now available in Beta!

    Sevenhugs is excited to release the first beta version of our SDK! This will allow you to enjoy expanded capabilities

  • Been messing around with this thing. You must learn how to use it properly. The learning and button editing is brilliant.

    I bought this remote used on eBay to replace the 7 different remotes I use now. I have a dedicated Atmos theater,

  • Battery

    The battery life on my remote is so laughable bad. Even if it’s unused, it dies overnight. If I’m using it throughout

  • Touch Screen layout and sensitivity area suggestions

    Love the remote; I have no doubt it is insanely difficult to manage so many potential issues and devices.

  • Issue connecting Sonos

    Please help. I've tried everything from disconnecting all but one speaker. Doing a full reset,

  • Home Automation KNX/EIB

    will it be possible in the future to create your own designs or surfaces with individual key assignment and commands?

  • New firmware release (05/14/2019) - Improved battery life and performance

    Hi everyone, The past few months our team has been working around the clock to improve your experience with Smart

  • Roadmap?

    Hi, on the beta forum i already asked the question if there will be a Roadmap available so we will get some more info

  • Next hardware version, make it larger

    I can’t believe I’m saying this about an item of electronic equipment, but I would really prefer it if the remote were

  • X1 Page Up and Page Down not available

    The configuration on the remote for the Xfinity X1 set top box doesn't include the page up or page down buttons.

  • Google home

    Any insight if or when Google home will be supported? Would be good ; A. Trigger Voice command B. Music controls C.

  • It would be nice to see more color...

    This remote comes with a beautiful display and yet, aside from the ABCD buttons or the Rec button,

  • feedback after 1 week

    hello here is a feedback after few days use - 1 reboot occured when swithching on a scene - using the scene,

  • How do you add weather and uber

    How do I add weather ?

  • Forum general guidelines

    Speak Thoughtfully We want your honest feedback! Here at Sevenhugs we value above all else the opinion of our users.

  • TIVO and Sonos Play Bar for Volume

    I have one of the newer TiVo's in my main living area, however I don't use the TV for volume I use the SONOS PLAYBAR 1

  • Button on charging base - remote finder?

    What does the button on the charging base behind the charging peg DO? Is it a remote finder (making the remote beep)?

  • Time Issue

    Not a major issue, but the remote is showing the wrong time. Is there a setting to set the time or timezone?

  • UI and the use of colour

    Hi all. I love the smart remote and have been impressed with support and responsiveness to answer my queries.

  • Custom remotes

    Will an API/SDK be available? I'd like to be able to design my own custom remotes/layouts. And some integration with

  • custom development

    Does this remote allow DIYers to send and receive feedback to devices not yet supported?

  • Leave device on

    Hi, Would like a function in the AV scene like "Leave it On", wishing that media player or digital box is always on as

  • This is one of the most disappointing products I’ve kickstarted.

    I.dont.use it. I haven’t even setup the sensors for motion tracking. What’s the point when the only device I have that

  • Apple TV touch pad is way too fast

    I don't know if you guys have used an apple TV remote lately but it's not as responsive as your emulation of it.

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