• Not enough suitable controls for Sonos

    First feedback- it’s a great looking device with a nice feel to it. Now for the constructive feedback part - Sonos

  • How do you add weather and uber

    How do I add weather ?

  • Is there a timetable for when new device support will be added?

    I got my remote today and I’m incredibly excited. I can’t believe this day has finally come and you guys have done an

  • I know it is just the beginning but...

    Hello, i received my smart remote yesterday and i plugged it straight away , as well as downloading the app.

  • Multiple Kodi mediaplayers

    Having multiple Kodi & Plex mediaplayers on my network, I'd like to be able to add more than one (either scanned or

  • Unboxing!

    Yep, my parcel arrived in the UK on the 23rd... unboxing photos. Played a bit with setup last night but was late and

  • Forum general guidelines

    Speak Thoughtfully We want your honest feedback! Here at Sevenhugs we value above all else the opinion of our users.

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