• Details on software update release/battery indicator bug

    Was wondering if you guys could give a estimate on when the software update would be released for the remote I am also

  • Finite Elemente

    error code: 2040700

  • Adding Kodi doesn't work (Error 2103513)

    I'm running Kodi Leia 18.1, control over HTTP and uPNP (or whatever its called) are both enabled according to the FAQ

  • A Variety of General Questions

    Apologies for what might be already answered questions but I did a bit of searching and reading on the site and decided

  • Battery

    The battery life on my remote is so laughable bad. Even if it’s unused, it dies overnight. If I’m using it throughout

  • No Roku or Philips Hue discovered, unable to add them manually

    Hi, I use emulated Roku and Philips Hue for Home Automation integration. These software allow my installation to be

  • Feature Request - separator

    When editing layouts can you please add in the ability to add a line like what is in between the controler and the

  • App cannot find remote

    Hello, Firstly, what an impressive looking product! Nicely packaged and very smart design. Unfortunately the app cannot

  • Input toggle or input codes

    HI, I have a Samsung HW N950 sound bar which relies on you having to toggle through each input until you get to the one

  • Global Cache Devices

    Do you guys have plans to support globalcache devices? They are wifi enabled devices that relay signals in IR to

  • Roadmap?

    Hi, on the beta forum i already asked the question if there will be a Roadmap available so we will get some more info

  • SONOS Service issue when trying to add.

    Any idea what is going on in the attached screenshot? I'm trying to add Sonos service to smart remote.

  • Setup controller for Xfinity receiver but now receiver thinks it’s new xfinity controller and asks me to pair the controller to use volume

  • Slow Loading A/V Scene

    I am using a Vizio SoundBar, TCL Roku TV and a TiVo. I have a scene that uses just the Soundbar and Roku TV.

  • Linn Majik DSM

    There are three code sets for the Linn Majik, but none of them have codes for the full set of inputs on the Majik DSM.

  • Back button not always working with Fire TV Cube

    The Fire TV support added in a previous update mostly works. However, the back button does not work in the Hulu app.

  • Sonos: can only see two of my devices

    Right now, I’m only able to see two of my Sonos Connect devices. I have four, plus a speaker.

  • Hulu Fire Tv

    Thank you so much for getting the Fire Tv added to the remote. The back button works fine on both the internet app and

  • no devices at all in your database

    I recently bought your remote at Best Buy. Looks and feel great. Tried to set up, but found it extremely frustrating.

  • Next hardware version, make it larger

    I can’t believe I’m saying this about an item of electronic equipment, but I would really prefer it if the remote were

  • why cant i turn on/off equipment?

    There are no power buttons? I tried to add a custom button and that did not work. Still have to pull out my remotes to

  • AV Scene Changes

    When changing from one A/V Scene to another which requires and input change on the TV, (Direct TV cable box Apple TV)

  • Changing inputs on A/V Receiver

    When creating a scene to watch my Apple TV or my Tivo or any other device for that matter, I don't see any function

  • X1 Page Up and Page Down not available

    The configuration on the remote for the Xfinity X1 set top box doesn't include the page up or page down buttons.

  • Google home

    Any insight if or when Google home will be supported? Would be good ; A. Trigger Voice command B. Music controls C.

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