• Context menu button Kodi

    Hi there, the Kodi context menu button shows the 'left pane' for sorting and changing view. This can already be reached


    Does seven hugs have an API that would allow a user to locally send off http commands. This is would allow for all

  • Why there isn't any Aircon Device?

    Will it be Air Con devices in the furure? I can replicate on/off and so, but I can et get feedback of fan/cold/heat and

  • Bouygues Telecom set-top box device cannot be added

    Hello, i am trying to add a set-top box device via the app. i select the infrared devices category,

  • Input Change for Preamp

    I entered all my devices into the remote app. I then created some av scenes. I went through (for example) setting up

  • Will you include custom colors and icons in the app?

    I want to be able to customize colors and icons for the different remote devices. Will this fearure be implemented?

  • remote restarting

    Twice in the last couple of days my remote has randomly restarted. Both times it seems to have happened when I was

  • Connection unauthorized and error 401

    I get these errors when i want ti change something on the remote.. like addig a device or deleting a home scene..

  • wlan no connection

    hi my smartremote lost often the wlan connection and only a delete of the conf and new setup helps...

  • imposible to stop epson videoprojector and apple tv

    Hi, When i turn on my home theater (clic on icon home theater), no problem (epson video projector EH-TW6700 and apple

  • Trouble at the first post

    Smart remote arrived today and absolutely gorgeous. Experience opening the box akin to opening an Apple product. Almost.

  • Wifi reconnect

    Hi, I have a parental control system that stopped my wifi network for the night. The next day my remote do not

  • Creek Audio

    When I checked online for compatibility for Creek, it shows up on your list. But when I go to add it to my devices

  • Philips Hue: Livingwhite plug and Osram smart plug don't work

    Hi, I have some Livingwhite plugs and an osram smart plug for controlling some lights, it works great with Philips hue

  • iOS App crashing

    Hi, I experience a crash every time I try to create an AV scene on my iPhone. The app shows the welcome screen,

  • IR with Bouygues Telecom set-top box device not working

    Hello, i added the set-top box device for my Bouygues Telecom Bbox (whish is a Sagemcom RTI422-320 BYT 253468912-B01),

  • TIVO and Sonos Play Bar for Volume

    I have one of the newer TiVo's in my main living area, however I don't use the TV for volume I use the SONOS PLAYBAR 1

  • new firmware, doesnt find Fire TV

    Hello! i installed the update, but my remote does not find my Fire TV4k but finds Nest.. what have i do to make it

  • Connection closed. Code: 531

    Hi what is this mean when I tried to update a device name from the Smart Remote IOS App? Thanks.

  • Screen burnin??

    Hi anyone experience screen burn in on your remote? Just started using it for a week and already seeing screen burnin

  • Input Choice

    In the previous firmware version, it allowed for an input choice for an A/V scene. Now it just simply turns on the

  • Arris VIP5662W program not working

    Just want to let support team know this device program does not work and I had to use the beta feature to learn each

  • Reboot loop on firmware update

    My remote is on 0.41.3 firmware and there is obviously new firmware available. It's presently stuck in a reboot loop

  • Display video library

    Can this remote display the video library from Kodi or other media servers? It would be cool to scroll through your

  • Remote display timeout

    Anyway to disable the remote display from turning off when on charge?

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