• Smart Remote: IR, WiFi and/or Bluetooth?

    I'm new here and have been curious about how my new Smart Remote communicates with my devices:

  • Settings menu missing

    Settings menu shows white screen. All options missing. Installed both the Google Play app version and version sent to

  • Multiple devices in TV scene

    We have our AT&T box through the XBOX so XBOX needs to be powered on to Watch TV. I have a TV scene to Watch the AT&T

  • Problème avec la nouvelle version 0.75.16

    Bonjour à tous, J'étais content de découvrir une nouvelle mise à jour aujourd’hui (version 0.75.16).

  • iOS app - Account empty

    I updated my iOS app today and notice that my Accounts page in the app is blank. Is that expected?

  • Adding IR device

    I'd like to add my HD Tuner by Auvio. Which is on your list. How can I add Auvio and then use the Auvio remote to build

  • How to add inputs

    One of my devices is a Yamaha receiver tsr5790. It has 6 hdmi inputs. None show in the SevenHugs config for this device.

  • App won't let me finish setting up. Very sad.

    I can't complete the set up process where I'm able to add devices. I'm able to connect the remote to my wifi,

  • Timeout

    Hi today issues (i seem to find some everyday). I have an Apple TV and an Nvidia Shield.

  • Programs refresh when touching remote

    Hello, I just started to use sevbenhugs remote and notice that when I'm watching an episode or listening to music and

  • Carousel interaction causes skipping on Shield

    This has been ongoing issue for a while, but happens on some apps on my Nvidia Shield TV. The ones I know that this

  • Apple TV Keyboard Pop on TV every time?

    I get a keyboard connected / disconnected message on my TV every time I go to use the remote with my Apple TV.

  • Sonos beam & Sky volume

    Any ideas how can I setup so that the volume buttons within my sky controller can control my sonos beam which manages

  • TIVO and Sonos Play Bar for Volume

    I have one of the newer TiVo's in my main living area, however I don't use the TV for volume I use the SONOS PLAYBAR 1

  • Av scène with sonos playbar

    Hi I have a setup in which I watch tv using a Sonos sound bar as speaker (and volume control).

  • Button on charging base - remote finder?

    What does the button on the charging base behind the charging peg DO? Is it a remote finder (making the remote beep)?

  • Anyone else find it annoying you cannot view replies from posts on this support message board?

    Anyone else find it annoying you cannot view replies from posts on this support message board?

  • Wemo switches

    Half the reason I went with Sevenhugs over Harmony remote was the whole smart home integration.

  • Hue lamp sets color instead of just turning on

    The remote not just turns the Hue lamp on but sets a color and brightness. Why? Switching on and off must just turn the

  • Restore app background

    There's a description of how to replace the background in the application but nothing about how to restore to original

  • How do I fix a button that doesn’t work?

    The back or previous button isn’t working on 1 device how do I correct this issue?

  • Remote not found. Constantly.

    It is impossible to use the remote I've just got. The app always says Smart remote not found.

  • Ambilight + Hue for Philips tv's

    As you may know, middle and high end Philips tv sets have ambilight feature and if you have Hue lamps you can use them

  • Apple TV swipes are wrong

    1) When in cards mode (selecting opened apps), the remote swipes in the wrong direction - I swipe right and it moves

  • Missing HDMI 1 on Panasonic TH65FZ1000

    When I create a TV scene which involves my TV (Panasonic TH65FZ1000), HDMI 1 is missing as an input source.

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