• Find remote button on base

    Any news on when this button will become active? One of the last features left that will really set it apart from my

  • Remote not connecting to network

    I've tried the manual and automatic processes to find my remote. Followed instructions for both.

  • Non-US based buyer

    Hi, I'm very interested in buying your remote controller, unfortunately I'm not US-based. Do you provide any

  • Figure-8 motion not recognized

    Hi, I am stuck in point mode setup, I tried so many times to an 8-figure motion eith my wrist,

  • Shades / Blinds

    Hi there! We just purchased a home and I would like to purchase some smart shades or blinds,

  • Touching an AV scene in carousel instantly stops it!

    Hi, I got my Smart Remote yesterday and I encountered a very annoying issue: Whenever I swipe through carousel,

  • Do you guys care? Customer that will be returning Remote ASAP due to frustration & poor customer service...

    I keep asking the same question over and over again and I don’t get a response. It’s super frustrating I wish you guys

  • A few items

    Hi There, Just received my remote yesterday...very nice. Just some questions and requests 1) I have added my sonos beam

  • rename webhook

    i use more than one webhook. how can i rename this? Thank you Marc

  • panasonic 4k bluray player

    I have the panasonic dp-ub420 4k bluray player. Could you please add this to the remote software?

  • Scene input issue

    I created a few scenes however the input does not switch. My remote has an input button then you need to find the

  • Can Sevenhugs U do this?

    Since Sevenhugs U is not cheap, I want to make sure it does what I need to do. My TV is Samsung Q80R Connected to

  • Controlling hardwired devices

    For controlling devices over internet do I have to have them connected through WiFi or can I control them if I plugged

  • Roadmap for updates on integrations

    Most of us, or at least a lot of us, have bought the SmartRemote from Kickstarter to make it possible For hou to work

  • Webhook groups and carousel

    Is there any way to create groups of webhooks to use as individual locations for point mode?

  • Menu Button Non Operational

    I am using Apple TV with a Samsung TV and a Magnavox surround sound. The menu button on my Sevenhugs remote no longer

  • Anyone working with IFTTT?

    Anyone here doing anything with IFTTT? I poked around a bit and am wondering just what I could do with it???

  • avr hdmi inputs

    All avr receivers have mostly hdmi inputs and only a few other inputs. Please Add the hdmi inputs.

  • Who spends $299 for a remote control to note be able to control all devices in a out of sight media cabinet

    Unfortunately I did. Am I doing something wrong? Previously I had MX850's control the device in the closet.

  • Assigning Smart TV App to remote

    My new LG TV has a number of applications (ex. Xfinity Streaming) which do not have buttons assigned on the LG remote.

  • Remove single lights after Grouping

    Is there a way to remove the single lights after being put in a group so the carousel doesn’t have all the single bulbs

  • Put Apple Tv in sleep mode

    I am trying to figure out if it is possible to create a scene that puts Apple Tv in sleep mode.

  • Apple TV4 Keyboard

    I'd like to move the Keyboard location in tv Scenes for using the AppleTV. The keyboard seems fixed to a location down

  • Strange IR learning issue

    I have a Sony AV model STRDH590 and for some reason the standard "Media Box" button on the input page does not work.

  • Unable to customize screen layout

    Android 10 user (Galaxy S10 plus) here. I'm unable to fully customize the screen layout in my TV scene.

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